A Guide to Discovering Texas' Best Kept Secrets

Hard Hat Tours Aboard the USS Texas
Step back in history and explore the USS  Texas below decks. The Battleship Texas, gave proud and honorable service to her country through two world wars of the last century. Special tours are scheduled this season. Almost as old as the Titanic, the Texas  has been boarded by many curious pilgrims since it was opened as a museum in 1983. MORE
HUMOR: Terribly Twisted Philosophies
Mid winter often brings post-holiday blues syndrome, and sometimes we need a little "pick me up" to get out of the wallows of self pity and mediocrity. Someone very wise once said that humor was the best medicine (Reader's Digest maybe?). And to prove the point, we've collected the following for your enjoyment. May it bring a smile to your face and a giggle to your life. Enjoy! MORE
Texas - A 'Whole Nother' World!
Does Texas mark the place where the Galaxy got its start? Is it where the Universe was born? Some zealous Texans might want to make you think so. The truth is, a few famous and not-so-famous Texas towns just borrowed their names from celestial bodies. We can't tell you why. Perhaps there's some truth to the rumor that Texas started it all. MORE
The Tale of the Texas Black-eyed Pea
Chances are good you wouldn't let a New year's Day pass without your serving of black-eyed peas. But why is this Texas favorite considered important to your good luck for the remainder of the year. Discover the tale of the Texas cow pea and it's Texas roots. MORE
Grid Iron Action: It's BOWL TIME in Texas
Birth of the Galaxy? Start of the Universe as we know it? Some zealous Texans might want to make you think so. The truth is, a few famous and not-so-famous Texas towns just borrowed their names from celestial bodies. We can't tell you why. Perhaps there's some truth to the rumor that Texas started it all. Well, maybe not. Review these past and present Texas towns and tell us what you think. MORE
WINTER ART: Gaylord Texan ICE!
Discover the ICE Exhibit at Grapevine's Gaylord Texan Resort, a deep-freeze environment where ice sculptors from Harbin, China, have created a world of wonder and awe. To offset the chilly 9 degree temps, heavy Alaska-style parkas are provided to keep you toasty as you tour. Discover more  - and catch our photos from last year's event. MORE
Thanksgiving Square in Downtown Dallas
It's the World Headquarters for Thanksgiving, tucked neatly amid the towering skyscrapers of downtown Dallas, a place of peace, reflection, and refuge from the busy world around you. Discover Thanksgiving-Square and take time to reflect on the many cultural influences on the holiday. MORE
Great Holiday Destinations/Events for 2006
Are looking for those special holiday events and attractions that can put you in the mood for the season? Texas is full of great seasonal activities for all ages. Discover some of our favorite choices for the 2006 holiday season and get your holiday spirit on! Take the tour of some of the best! MORE
Sweet Citrus Success! Texas Set For Good Year
When you grow things for a living you never really know how good or how bad the year is going to be until the final harvest is over. But there are pre-harvest signs to watch, and officials of the Texas citrus industry are reporting that according to all the signs so far this year, it's going to be a bumper crop in Texas. Sweet! MORE
Beware of the Chupacabre in Texas
What is this we keep hearing about the fabled creature known as the Chupacabre? There have been a number of sightings and reports from Texas that just such a creature can be found searching around for forage and shelter. What is it? Is it real? Explore the story of the Chupacabre in Texas and discover for yourself this weird tale. MORE
WURSTFEST Is Best FEST in Texas!
Get out your lederhosen and prepare for the biggest German heritage festival in the United States, WurstFest is underway in New Braunfels and offers America's favorite tribute to sausage. Live music, great food and enough dancing to wear your feet off! Discover the charm and fun of Texas Best Fest! MORE
Visit the Historic (and Haunted) Ott Hotel in Liberty
The owners of the historic Ott Hotel in Liberty say they are always glad to see guests come and go. But some of the guests have been there over a lifetime and appear to have no immediate plans for checking out. It may truly be one of the most haunted spots in Texas. Discover the Ott Hotel and get ready for a spooky good time! MORE
Halloween Events Across Texas
Are you ready for the Halloween season. Are you ready to "get scared" at Halloween attractions across Texas? You've come to the right place then. We've got you covered, from theme park events to special community observances, you'll find something of interest in our short list of must-do Halloween events. So get out your favorite costume and get into the spirit of the season. MORE
TOP PICKS: Best of Fall - Hotels & Restaurants
We started it last week, and continue now with our Top Picks for the Fall travel season. This week we present our personal choices for Best Texas Hotels & Lodging and Texas Best Restaurants for the Fall 2006 season. Check out our selections and discover some unique and high quality spots to land for great food and superior lodging. We think you'll like them! Best Hotels   Best Restaurants
MORE TOP PICKS: Fall Getaways and Attractions
The Dog Days of summer are slowing giving way to the autumn season in Texas, the perfect time to get out and enjoy all the Lone Star State has to offer. We've put our discovery hat on again and have made our selections for the fall's best destination getaways and best fall attractions. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Part One of our top picks for the season. Best Getaways   Best Attractions
Hurricane Season: Hold On, It's Not Over Yet!
There's been good reason to rejoice so far this year along the Texas coast thanks to a slow start to the 2006 hurricane season. But experts -- and history -- warn that when it comes to late forming tropical storms, it's not over till it's over. In fact, a quick look back at history indicates just the opposite. Don't take those shutters down yet - and keep your fingers crossed! MORE
Commissioning the New USS TEXAS (SSN775)
The nationís newest and most advanced nuclear-powered submarine, the Texas (SSN 775), will be officially commissioned Sat., Sept. 9, during special ceremonies in Galveston, marking the fourth Navy vessel to bear the name of the Lone Star State and the most advanced submarine of its type in the world. Take a look at this new, sleek sub and see why Texans will be proud of her new ship! MORE
Don't Sell Texas! Bubba's New Battle Cry
There is a political measure floating around Austin that would see the sale of state property to the private sector, including lands once part of the Texas park system at Black Gap Wildlife Management Area in the Big Bend region. But rancher and columnist B. Bubba Bandera takes issue to the issue, and warns Gov. Rick Perry to stop while he's still ahead. Discover Bubba's take and explore the issue. MORE
ADVENTURE: Y.O. Ranch Fall Longhorn Cattle Drive
If you're old enough to remember John Wayne, James Stewart, Richard Widmark, Richard Boone and Jack Palance, then you probably have a deep-rooted affection for America's historical cattle drives. But it's one thing to talk about it and another thing to actually do it. Get your cowboy/cowgirl face on and get ready to ride the Y.O. Ranch Fall Longhorn Cattle Drive! MORE
Caught Up in the Wind: Texas Leads Development
Wind. It's the cooling that brings us relief from the hot Texas sun. It carries the clouds that bring us rain, rustles and exercises the growing things of Texas, bringing them vibrance and sustainability. Wind. It rustles the West Texas dust; it blows the spores and pollens that perpetuate our sneezes. And soon, it may well power our homes and cities. MORE
Ye Kendall Inn Offers Mind, Body, Spirit Experience
Sporting 22-inch limestone walls to defend against raiding bandits and Comanches, the old stagecoach stop known as Ye Kendall Inn in the Hill Country community of Boerne (35 miles northwest of San Antonio) offers a new legacy for the Texas traveler. Enjoy superior lodging, fine dining, special wine events and a historically-themed lodge complete with Aveeda Spa. MORE
John Wilkes Booth: Texas Connection
Like a 19th century mystery thriller, conspiracy theorists credit a Granbury Saloon operator and Bandera school teacher as being the one and same man who fatally wounded President Abraham Lincoln in the Ford Theater, only to escape to Texas to become a respected community member and operator of a private school in the Texas Hill Country. Could John Wilkes Booth and John St. Helen have been the same man? MORE
Indie Films at Island Film Festival
Texas is known as the Third Coast of the film industry. The earliest documented moving film shot in Texas was of the aftermath of the 1900 Galveston hurricane when G. W. "Billy" Bitzer shot eight scenes of the destruction. More than 1,000 projects have been made in Texas since 1910. And it's not over yet! Get ready for outstanding films and film seminars Island style - in September! MORE
Summer's Best Romantic Getaways
As incredible as it may seem to some there are a lot of happy and sensitive Texas couples out there that have never embellished their relationship with a special romantic getaway. When was the last time you treated yourself and that someone special to a really special place? Well, that's too long! Discover the best romantic places of the summer season! MORE
Best of Summer Top Picks Part Two
Last week (see below) we offered up our hotel, getaway escapes and restaurant Top Picks for the summer travel season. This week we continue with the best beach getaways, best historical destinations and best road side attractions. Summer's slippin' away, so get out there and enjoy! MORE
Summer Fun: Eat, Drink, Sleep, Be Merry in Texas!
Summer has arrived and now's the time to decide where to go and what to do. But in a state the size of Texas, that's a big order. We've made it easier for you! Discover our picks for best summer weekend getaways, best Texas lodging, and best summer eats for the 2006 Texas summer. You can't go wrong by choosing one or more of these getaway spots! MORE
Were There (Are There) Werewolves in Texas?
There have been plenty of tales in Texas about half man/half beast creatures that roamed the countryside. Whether it be fable, legend, fact or fiction, were-creatures have a long history in Texas, as evidenced, perhaps, in the tale of Cleo's Face, a limestone rock carving near Junction that shows the ghastly carved face of what some describe as a werewolf. MORE
Old Santa Fe Days Tributes Native American Art
The Native Texans are returning in large numbers this June. No, not an invasion, but to participate in Carrollton's Old Santa Fe Days Festival, a showcase of native American art and culture. Tribesmen from across the nation will dance, drum and exhibit their art in the old downtown district. MORE
The Great Texas Balloon Race in Longview
They are masterful and elegant works of technical art floating silently across clear blue skies, catching the favor and attention of old and young alike, a virtual kaleidoscope of graceful colors aloft. And, once again, they're off and running! No, not the horses -- hot air balloons! Get ready for some hot East Texas action in Longview with the Great Texas Balloon Race! MORE
B. Bubba Bandera on the U.S. Border Patrol
Guest columnist B. Bubba Bandera is an outspoken, rough-around-the-edges rancher type that has seen a lot of Texas politics. From time to time Bubba writes us to let us know he's unhappy - and has a few words to share, this time over a recent encounter with a U.S. Border Patrol agent. MORE
Texas RailFair & Festival To Honor Rail Heritage
It wasn't that long ago that the favored method of transportation in Texas was by horseback or stagecoach. Then along came the locomotive and everything changed. Texas, like so much of the world, owes a lot to railroad heritage. Get ready for the 2006 RailFair in Burnet - ALL ABOARD! MORE
10th Annual Festival of Wines & Culinary Arts
The Texas Maritime Museum plays host to Rockport's annual Texas Festival of Wines and Culinary Arts over the Memorial Day weekend, a great chance to sample fine wines, delicious coastal cuisine and explore the rich maritime history of the Texas coast. Dance to the music of Johnny D and the Rocket 88s, and experience the best Texas has to offer. MORE
Discover the Hill Country River Region!
It's as much a ritual as a tradition in Texas, airing up the inner tubes and heading to the river for a tranquil float through watery solitude and beauty of a flowing Hill Country river. And there's no better place to find the perfect water world than Texas premiere river region! River season is returning to Texas - and Texans are returning to the magical Frio, Sabinal, Nuecess and other rivers in the western Hill Country. MORE
Fredericksburg Man Was First To Fly Airplane
German born Texas immigrant school teacher/inventor Jacob Brodbeck was the first man to succeed at making and flying in an airplane - long before Orville and Wilbur abandoned their diapers. But you won't find his story in the history books. After his flight, Brodbeck abandoned his dream and burned his plane. MORE
Saddling Up at The Lazy F: Get Your Cowboy On!
Texas is known for its big, wide open spaces. And like the song says, the skies are not cloudy all day. If they are, you're going to saddle up and ride anyway. Because at this cowboy guest ranch, you're the ranch hand; the cowboy, vaquero, bronc rider, fence-mender, cattle herder, water boy. Discover life on the ranch at this historic working facility. MORE
Aztec Movie Palace Gets New Life in San Antonio
At one time San Antonio's historic AZTEC Theatre was not only the talk of the town - but the nation. Designed by the same firm behind Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the theater was a showplace. Now, the Aztec is back, and it's better than ever before. After years of restoration planning, the dream is about to come true. Discover the Aztec on the River. MORE
Adventure Time: New Theme Park Rides in Texas
They're back - and they're better than ever before. Find out what changes have been made at Texas theme parks for 2006 - new attractions and forthcoming fun parks in Texas. Get out and enjoy the warmer season, thrill the kids, impress your friends - discover all the new rides and entertainment at theme parks across the Lone Star State! Happy thrills. MORE
SUNDAY DRIVE: On The Trail of Texas Blue
In a state full of beautiful things, it's not unusual that the hills and valleys of Texas are covered each spring season with the delicate but hardy colorful flower we call the bluebonnet. Bluebonnets have been loved since man first trod the vast prairies of Texas, and an annual pilgrimage still takes place each spring as motorists take to the highways in search of fields of blue flowers. MORE
The Longest Island (Beach) Drive in America
It's one of the most remote beaches in the nation, sixty-plus miles of unspoiled sand, wind and surf. With a good vehicle you can drive this stretch of sand bar that leads to nowhere; experience nature and commune with the mighty Gulf. But this road trip is more of an adventure than a vacation. Beware! MORE
Searching For The Elusive East-Tex Bigfoot
It's an eerie wilderness that hides its secrets well. But Caddo Lake and the region around Jefferson in Northeast Texas is said to be the home of creatures large and small, a few the likes of which only few have seen. But the hunt continues, and at least one dedicated group is intent on uncovering what they call the truth. Discover the land of myth and legend in Far East Texas. MORE
The Uncertain History of Emily Morgan
Would you like to win airfare for four to San Antonio, a week at the beautiful Emily Morgan Hotel on Alamo Plaza including meals at the Oro Restaurant, a getaway valued at $9,000.00? You could. The Emily Morgan is staging an Essay Contest to help define Emily Morgan's role in Texas history. The stakes are right, the story is classic and the hotel is beautiful - but you had better hurry. MORE
East Texas Oil Museum Fun For All
Welcome to the East Texas Oil Museum, located on the campus of Kilgore College in Kilgore, Texas. This fascinating museum houses the authentic re-creation of oil discovery and production in the early 1930s from the largest oil field inside U.S. boundaries. Discover the history of oil in Kilgore. MORE
Traveling Down the Texas Music Trail
While it's true we can't escape our busy schedules for a road trip adventure or weekend escape every week, we do have an alternative. Texas music, by design or magic, takes you away on a journey of the ear and mind to places only you can find in the Lone Star State. What is Texas music? Ah - come and learn my padiwan. MORE
Treasures of the Storm - Hunting for Gold!
There is very little good you can say about a hurricane hitting the populated coastline. But storms of all kinds are inevitable facts of nature. They happen. But sometimes they leave behind a real pot of gold. Discover uncovered treasure and why after the storm is the perfect time for strolling down the beach in search of gold.  MORE
Romancing the River Walk, Close Encounters
It's been called one of North America's most romantic cities, a wonderland of soft light and beauty, where romance is thick upon the night air and lovers, hand in hand, stroll past a promenade of riverside restaurants, bistros and taverns. Get ready for the perfect San Antonio getaway for lovers and friends. MORE
Are You Ready for a STRANGE Adventure?
From the Marfa Lights to the Alamo Springs Bat Cave, the Lone Star State is full of strange places, tales, artifacts and stories about the strange, unusual and the unexplained. Heck, everybody likes a little oddity and few mysteries, don't they? MORE

     Best Getaways For Winter 2007
Does the winter season have you down? Wish you could escape the gloomy blues of the off season? Well - you can! Check out these four great midwinter getaways and put a smile on your face in spite of the colder weather.  From the beach to the mountains high, there's always a good off-season place to be in Texas. MORE

Bayfront Harbor Lights Festival
Corpus Christi "lightds up" for the holidays in one of Texas' most special holiday events. Watch the lights of downtown come on, see the boat parade, the laser light show, the ginerbread houses, the children's parade and more. Welcome in the season coastal style in the Sparkling City by the Bay. MORE

Medieval Times in the Land of Dallas
The days of chivalry live on in Big D, a time of jousting and feasting and paying tribute to those colorful knights in shinning armor, honoring the days of gaiety, courage and battlefield honor, and indulging yourself with roasted meats and mead. Welcome to Medieval Times, a dinner theater you won't easily forget! MORE
The Living History of Buffalo Gap Village
The Buffalo Gap Historic Village near Abilene is a gem of living history, a frontier boom town that tells the story of  how life developed on the American frontier. Visit this educational and inspiring history site for a weekend getaway and discover the Texas that was! MORE
The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum
There's been plenty written about the famed Texas Rangers. Movies have been made, books have been written, stories have been told. Never has there been such a hardy bunch of robust and dedicated lawmakers as the men (and women) who have worn the Texas Star. Discover the history of the Rangers!  MORE
Strolling Texas: The Kemah Boardwalk Getaway
The secret is out! Texans are discovering the unique getaway destination of Kemah, a once-quiet coastal community that has visitors these days dining in delight, swaying to the tunes of great live music, and coming back for more every chance they get. MORE
Exploring the Texas Underground
Someone very famous once said that you can't judge a book by it's cover, and nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to the hidden depths of Texas, which are often tucked carefully out of obvious sight. Discover Texas Underground and get ready for a Fall road trip. MORE
The Legend of the Fredericksburg Easter Fires
It's a tale that reaches back to the early days of Texas when German settler John O. Muesabach and friends struck a treaty with the Commanche nation, the first time the 'Easter Fires' burned above Fredericksburg. Discover the legend of the fires and how the Germans tamed the West.  MORE
Houston International Festival To Honor Jamaica
Hoping to get away to Jamaica this year but wish the island paradise was a little closer to home? Your wish comes true in April when the 2006 Houston International Festival spotlights Jamaica and the Rasta culture. Get your dreadlocks in order Mon, and fill your head with good Bob Marley ballads, for Jamaica is coming to Houston this in April. Get ready for the tastes, the sounds and feel of the island! MORE
Legacy of the Popes Exhibition: Vatican Art
San Antonio's Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center is playing host to the Papal exhibition, Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes, one of the world's largest collections of Vatican art, documents and historical objects, some never seen outside of Rome. Escape to the Vatican - San Antonio style! MORE
River Oaks Garden Club's "Azalea Trail" Opens
Has the unseasonably warm weather put you in the mood for a weekend getaway? Get ready to tour magnificent homes and gardens of the exclusive River Oaks development in Houston this weekend and ring in the coming spring season to Southeast Texas. Take time to smell the flowers! MORE
South By Southwest Music Festival ROCKS!
If you love great live music and independent film festivals then there's no better to place to be in March but the capital of Texas music - Austin. Over 1,300 performers take to the music stage and nearly 250 films, including 50 world premieres, will be in the spolight when Austin's South By Southwest Festival gets underway March10. Don't miss this! MORE
Funeral History Unfolds in Houston
Odd, a little strange, and verging on just plain weird, Houston's National Museum of Funeral History offers plenty to see -- and plenty to talk about, including exhibits on embalming, crazy caskets and famouse hearse vehicles from days past. Visit this unusual and entertaing museum and discover the burial secrets of society. Well worth the time! MORE
Mardi Gras in Galveston - Island Style!
It's Mardi Gras time again on Galveston Island, and over a half million visitors and local revelers are expected to converge on the Island's entertainment district beginning Feb. 17 to pull out all the stops for a wild and crazy 12-day run of live music, high spirits, good food and delicious fun. Experience Mardi Gras without having to leave the Lone Star State! MORE
Luckenbach's Tribute to Texas History
The first weekend in March is a big one in Texas, a statewide celebration of Texas' Independence from Mexico. And while celebrations and ceremonies will held all across the state, perhaps none as unique as the word and song offered at historic Luckenback. Texas music, Texas history, Texas Proud!  MORE
Austin's First Night Celebrates New Year
It's a unique annual event designed for the entire family, Austin's First Night, a celebration of art in its many forms. From Chinese Yo-Yo performers to live music and art and craft exhibits to public poetry, the central city becomes an indoor and outdoor stage for the ritual of marking the passing of time. Only in Austin! MORE
ROADTRIP: Moody Garden's Festival of Lights
As the Christmas holiday quickly approaches, Texans and visitor's to the state alike are hitting the streets and parks in search of those bright, twinkling holiday lights that bring sparkle to our eyes and joy to our hearts. It's impossible to name the best holiday light display in Texas, but this magnificent exhibit must be near the top! MORE
Grapevine: The True Spirit of a Texas Christmas
If you're looking for the perfect holiday getaway where you can experience lots of seasonal events, look no further than Grapevine. From the Gaylord Texan's fabulous sculptured ice exhibit to the Vintage railroad's Polar Express Experience, you'll find something for everyone in the family. Discover Grapevine. MORE
HOLIDAY CHEER: Miracle of 37th Street
It's been called one of the most impressive neighborhood holiday light displays in Texas, and one visit after dark to this Austin street near the Univesity of Texas campus will illustrate why. Discover the miracle of the 37th street Christmas lights and get into the spirit of the holiday season this year. MORE
Texas Best Haunted Hotels and Inns
With Autumn falling across the Lone Star State, getting out and enjoying the amenities of Texas is a grand idea. Perhaps visiting a few old friends is in order - even if those "friends" are no longer among the living. Get ready for some spooky getaways to some of Texas' Best Haunted Hotels and Lodges. If you're feeling brave, you're going to love these strange getaways. MORE
Texas Road Trips for the Changing Season
Summer has been fun and it's always to let go of those lazy, hazy days. But then, there's nothing in the world like a Texas autumn. Get ready for a texas Road Trip and discover some of the best roads to travel this fall. From state parks to scenic drives, you'll love our choices for your fall getaway. Celebrate the season! MORE
Celebrate Waxahachie's Munster Mansion
Every one deserves to have a little passion in their lives. For Charles and Sandra McKee, living in Monster - uh - Munster Land, is their dream-come-true. This 10-room, 6000 sq. ft. home is host to the annual Halloween fundraiser that supports CASA. Discover how one Texas couple turned their passion into the perfect abode. MORE
Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Texas
The Day of the Dead - It sounds so full of mystery, so dark and mystical. But the annual celebration is actually one of Mexico's most colorful events. Dia de los Muertos is also celebrated widely in Texas. Discover Day of the Dead events all across the Lone Star State. Get ready for a colorful and meaningful tradition.  MORE
Spooky October Themed Attractions in Texas
October brings not only long anticipated cooler weather to the Lone Star State but inspired interest in the spooky, the unusual, and the kind of stuff that makes for strange stories and tales. Getready for a slew of very haunted attractions in Texas, some that are sure to scare the wits out of you - regardless your age. MORE
Texas Renaissance Festival - Step Back in Time!
 Ye Old Texas Renaissance Festival gets underway this year the first weekend in October and runs for eight consecutive weekends, and will convert the Lone Star landscape into a unique and charming 16th century playhouse where travelers can get an authentic taste of England's days-gone-by. MORE
Harvest of Champions Food & Wine Fest
The beautiful Estate of the Messina Hof Winery and Resort near Bryan-College Station celebrates Texas food and wine with an Old World flair! Several weekends are set aside in July and August - a great getaway! MORE
Summer's Last Great Splash - Houseboat Adventures on the Texas Highland Lakes
It may be just the perfect summer family getaway, or perhaps a sublime time for romantic encounters - but imagine planning a grand outdoor lake adventure before the summer is over without having to leave behind all the comforts of home. MORE
The Magic Kingdom of Canyon Lake, Texas
An hour north of the Alamo City and 20 minutes from New Braunfels stands a manmade wonder that has blended so well with the beauty of nature that it seems the two were made to be together. Discover Canyon Lake, the Water Recreation Capital of Texas. MORE

Brownsville: On the Border, By the Sea
There's a lot to see and do on the very southern Tip of Texas. Brownville sports a first class zoo, great historical landmarks like Fort Brown, and is just a few miles away from the pristine sand beaches of South Padre Island. Get ready to roadtrip way down south in the Rio Grande Valley. More

June is Mardi Gras Time in Dr. Pepper, Texas
Dublin, Texas, is the birthplace of Dr. Pepper, after a local pharmacist dreamed up the recipe on a fine Texas day. This marks the 114th year of celebration, and there will plenty of live music, Texas fun and - of course, Dr. Pepper. MORE
Guerrero Viejo Emerges From A Watery Grave
 Just across the Mexican border, near Lake Falcon, a ghost town has re-emerged from a watery grave. Discover Old Guerrero Viejo on the Texas border and explore the road less traveled. See The Video of Old Guerrero - Ghost Town on the Texas Border.  MORE
Bishops Palace, Historic Galveston
The palace is ranked among the top 100 homes in the nation for its architectural significance, and features woodwork of rosewood, satinwood and white mahogany, and various fireplaces from all over the world. Visit Galveston's Bishop's Palace.  MORE
Wimberly, Texas
Who would expect this little Hill Country community near Austin would be packed with interesting things to do and see, and a real down-home Texas experience like none other. Explore the amazing appeal of one of Texas best kept secrets.  MORE
Sandhills State Park, Monahans, Texas
Not the Sahara, not the Gobi, but the Sandhills of Monahans are a site to see if you're looking for a trip Out West. Discover this amazing landmark and explore the natural mysteries of Far West Texas. MORE
Cowboy Capital - Bandera, Texas
Get out your hats and boots and get ready to explore the Cowboy Capital of the World. In addition to good ol' Texas cowboy tradition, Bandera offers great Hill Country settings in a classic river setting. Discover the Texas of yesteryear! MORE
Ghosts of the Gage Hotel, Marathon, Texas
Marathon, Texas, named after its counterpart in Greece, is full of history. The gateway to Big Bend National park, the Gage Hotel offers more than the usual Texas hospitality and amenities. It also has ghost residents. Visit Marathon and discover the world Out West. MORE

     Langtry, Texas: Law West of the Pecos
Times were rough on the frontier of Texas just before the turn of the twentieth century. There was a lot of lawlessness and cattle rustling - and there was Judge Roy Bean. The Jersey Lilly - courtroom, saloon, hall of justice and home to the judge - still stands much as it did over 100 years ago - and well worth a visit. MORE

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