Most Haunted Place in Texas?
Brownsville's past is one that includes surviving multiple wars, including the War for Texas Independence, the U.S.-Mexican War, the U.S. Civil War, and at least two Mexican revolutions. It is a city that survived a devastating and virulent outbreak of yellow fever and a place long known for its storied past of smugglers, revolutionaries, pirates and frontiersmen, and is now known as one of the most haunted places in Texas. Find out why in this tale of history and mystery. MORE

Brownsville's Old City Cemetery
Every community has at least one cemetery, a refuge for those who have passed from this world into the next, a final resting place that offers perpetual peace for our loved ones who have gone before us. In Brownsville, on the Texas-Mexico border, the Old City Cemetery is full of ornate architecture akin to the New Orlean's historic cemetery -- and full of the history that has made Texas great. Take a walk through this graveyard and you may find more than you are looking for! MORE

Texas Best Haunted Hotels and Inns
With Autumn falling across the Lone Star State, getting out and enjoying the amenities of Texas is a grand idea. Perhaps visiting a few old friends is in order - even if those "friends" are no longer among the living. Get ready for some spooky getaways to some of Texas' Best Haunted Hotels and Lodges. If you're feeling brave, you're going to love these strange getaways. MORE

Courthouse Haunts on the Coast
Once the primary landmark to grace the Corpus Christi bayfront, the stately Nueces County Courthouse was a crowning architectural achievement of the early 1900s, a symbol of law and justice in a wild and woolly coastal frontier with a history of rough and tough times down through the years. Today, with its more modern replacement nearby, the, the old building is abandoned and crumbled, at the center of controversay and known locally for the strange and unelxplained that go on behind its shuttered doors. MORE

Monumental Undertaking: The National Museum of Funeral History
It's one of the last places you want to visit - the funeral home that is. But there is a rather odd and special museum in Houston that offers an interesting look into the past history of a profession that rarely gets the credit it deserves for the public service it provides. With a national slogan like "Every day above ground is a good day," you can appreciate the rather odd sense of humor traditionally associated with the generally stoic individuals of the funeral industry.  So we don't think they'll mind if we offer up a speacial feature for Halloween related to their noble industry. In the end, however, they will have the last word on the matter. MORE

The Haunted Big Bend Region Offers Unending Mystery and Myth
The Big Bend region has always been a spooky place, dating at least as far back as when the relatives of the pit-dwelling Anasazi roamed the region and only traveled through the Chisos Mountain region with great respect and much apprehension.  Big Bend, you see, is very haunted and always a little spooky. It's not just what you see in this mythical land that can bring a chill to the back of the neck and make the hair stand up on your arms. It's what you can't see, or what you thought you saw - if even for a fleeting moment.  MORE

The Top Ten Jack-O-Lantern Faces For This Year's Halloween Season
With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to pick out that ripe, orange pumpkin and start carving your seasonal masterpiece. And to help you out, we scoured across the state and beyond to find some pretty good examples of great Jack-O-Lantern faces for the season. On the following photo pages we pasted up our top ten favorites. So take a look, get creative and get the family together for a great Halloween carving contest! MORE

The Hotel Haunts of Jefferson
As October arrives many of our thoughts turn to the Halloween season and those good natured but thrilling tales of haunts and spooks and things that go bump in the night. But if you really want to exercise your imagination and test your nerve, consider traveling to historic and sometimes spooky Jefferson, Texas, where a night in one spooky hotel there can make believers out of the most skeptical among us. You could call it a real "thrill ride" of a getaway - if you're lucky enough to meet the haunts of the historic hotel. MORE

John Wilkes Booth: The Bandera And Granbury, Texas Connections
Like a 19th century mystery thriller, conspiracy theorists credit a Granbury Saloon operator and Bandera school teacher as being the one and same man who fatally wounded President Abraham Lincoln in the Ford Theater, only to escape to Texas to become a respected community member and operator of a private school in the Texas Hill Country. Could John Wilkes Booth and John St. Helen have been the same man? MORE

Halloween Poem For All Ages
Halloween is a fun time of the year for kids of all ages, and that means Moms and Dads too! Remember hearing those spooky ghost stories when you were a kid? And who doesn't enjoy a good horror movie? Finding the right Halloween story for all ages of the family can sometimes be a challenge though. That's why we offer up this little Halloween treat with no strings attached. MORE

Behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Real Story Exposed
Without question the 1974 flick “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is one of the most influential of the slasher movie genre. The Hollywood version of the story involved a tale about a group of travelers who meet a family who turn out to be not-so-friendly cannibals who like to slash and eat their victims.  What most movie-goers do not know is that the film was loosely based upon a terrible real-life incident that took place in Austin. Discover the horrible truth of the Missionary Murders. MORE

New Year Traditions and Superstitions You Should Know
Traditions are an every day part of life, whether you think you are a traditionalist or not, and almost everyone has their fair share of superstitions. But just in case you lack in either one of them, we offer a few of the more popular traditions and superstitions in America. Be careful what you eat and what you wear if you want to have good fortune in the new year - or at least that's what many believe. So follow along or throw these traditions and superstitions out the window - but either way, have a great 2011! MORE

The Miracle of Austin's 37th Street:
The Joy of Lights Fest
It's been called one of the most impressive neighborhood holiday light displays in Texas, and one visit after dark to this Austin street near the Univesity of Texas campus will illustrate why. Don't let the season go by without a visit to this spirited neighborhood in Austin! Discover the miracle of the 37th street Christmas lights and get into the spirit of the holiday season this year. MORE

Give Thanks and Remember...
As Thanksgiving approaches and preparations get underway for visiting friends and family and that ever-so-special meal that is central to the American holiday, we may give pause, if even for a moment, to consider the nearly 400 years of collective celebrations that have led us to this day. But the special day and the importance we give to it has much more meaning than a good meal and a day of watching football or visiting with friends. Take a moment and discover a few thoughts you should ponder as the sun rises over Thanksgiving Day 2014. MORE

Road Trips for the Changing Season
Summer has been fun and it's always difficult to let go of those lazy, hazy days of the warm summer season. But then, there's nothing in the world like a Texas autumn either. Get ready for a Texas Road Trip and discover some of the best roads to travel this fall. From state parks to scenic drives, you'll love our choices for your fall getaway. Celebrate the season! MORE

Those Simple Home Remedies
Way back  when man lived in caves, like Bob the stick thrower, and crafted simple tools of stone, he still looked for spiritual and natural remedies to heal his many ailments. After all, a good HEB Pharmacy was still a few millennium away, and there wasn't much to talk about in the way of local medical care providers either. But Bob wasn't so dumb really. He knew how to use what he had, and it was surprising how he discovered many natural remedies to treat those ailments that plagued him. The lesson is, we can do the same! It just might help you find your 'cure'. MORE

ECO-Travel May Offer The Right Answers To Environmental Stress
They call it ecotourism for short, an industry term referring to ecological touring, a form of tourism designed to take an ecologically and socially conscious approach to travels throughout the world -- traveling with care, you might say. You've heard the term often as it refers to the delicate ecology of the Texas coastline. You need not look far, in fact, to find eco-tours available up and down the coastline. But there's more you can do by planning a special family eco-vacation! Get started thinking green when it comes to travel. MORE

The Spirit of Texas Lives On
The birth of a Republic was paid for by the sacrifice of brave men and women who gave their all in the face of grave danger and certain death. Read the message from the President/CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a reminder of the price of freedom and thee defiant souls who won independence and liberty for all of Texas. MORE

Texas Renaissance Festival!
It's the largest organized Renaissance Festival in North America and it attracts nearly a half million visitors during it's eight week run every year. Plan your fall getaway around this festival and get a taste of merry Old England! Don't miss out on the gaity and the chivalry of the 2013 festival in Plantersville. Themed weekends, strolling performers, live jousts, battle reenactments and some great international food await, plus live music, magic, dancing, pomp and fun. MORE

Great Fall Destinations for 2010
Summer is slowly fading and another autumn season is about to unfold across the Lone Star State, a favorite time of year to get out an enjoy the cooler weather. But where to go and what to do - that is the question. Once again we have put our heads together and scoured the state in search of some really cool places that deserve your consideration. Make this fall travel season something special. MORE

The Goliad Massacre
The year was 1836 and Texas was declaring it’s independence from Mexico. Faced with 7,000 well-trained Mexican battle troops led by the “Napolean of the West”, General Antonio López de Santa Anna, the Texians divided their defenses between the Alamo, a Mission in San Antonio, and the Presidio de Bahia in Goliad. The story of the Alamo may well be known far and wide, but the Battle and subsequent massacre at Goliad is less widely known. This is the story of the “Massacre at Goliad” and why Teans everywhere pause to remember the great history of the Republic. MORE

Fredericksburg's Easter Story
When the early German settlers first pitched their tents on the banks of the Pedernales River, they were greeted by a harsh land full of fierce native people and the hardships of the Texas frontier. To be successful, their first job was to strike a treaty with the Commanche, a task that had never been accomlished before. With determination and courage, they carved their colony out of the wilderness. It's the story of Easter and the birth of the Easter Bunny - German Immigrant Style!  MORE

Texas & the Super Bowl
Leave it to Texans... while Super Bowl XLVII will take place in New Orleans (again!), we are all reminded by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples that the Lone Star State will be well represented at the game. No...the Cowboys and the Texans didn't make it the Big Game this year (again!), but you can bet there will be plenty of reminders of Texas if you look (or think) hard enough. And not only that, you might be surprised how many 49ers hail from the Lone Star State, and one Baltimore Raven could sway the game by himself!  MORE

Defending Tex-Mex Food!
By and large, Texans are a friendly sort. Without doubt, we have our shortcomings. When it comes to the Great State of Texas, we are a proud bunch, often quick to openly defend our position about what makes Texas great, or strong, or proud. Like our national food - Tex-Mex. But lately our beloved favorite food has come under fire by critics who apparently just don't understand that we didn't create Tex-Mex for their enjoyment, but for our own! MORE

Guess Who is Watching Your Kids!
In George Orwell style, one San Antonio school district wants to force students to carry a photo ID card with an embedded radio transmission chip so educators can pinpoint where the student is at all times-- all in an effort to qualify for good attendance funds from Uncle Sam. Is technology enabling schools and other components of government to invade the privacy of students and others? Are employers the next to require the technology, and then local governments? How much is too much when it comes to individual rights and the protection of privacy? MORE

LBJ Ranch: Texas Legacy
From humble Texas beginnings,  Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th U.S. President whose family immigrated to Texas as settlers, was raised near Johnson City in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. A visit to this National Historic Park provides a great chance to review a presidential legacy and to enjoy the great views of the Texas Hill County. Located just 40 miles west of Austin, the ranch is a must visit for lovers of history and/or politics. Anytime of year is a great time of year to visit, but mid summer provides the added opportunity to enjoy fresh Stonewall peaches!   MORE

Annual Texas Legends Fishing Tournament Set Aug. 8-12
Summer is slowly fading away and the thought of spending a year away from the coast is like thinking about skipping Christmas - it just can't happen! The temps are warm, the sun rays are perfect for tanning and playing in the surf and August may be your last chance to enjoy the blue Gulf waters a step ahead of the 2012 football season. MORE

Best Products for Summer Fun!
The long days of summer offer a great time to get out and get your fun on and, as usual, we've been scouring the stores and catalogs to come up with a slew of great products and services designed to make your sizzling summer better. We think we've done well in finding items that are a must-have for the season -- for the kids, for the girls and for the guys. Check out our choices and get out and enjoy the season while the fun lasts! MORE

Texas Contrabandidos: Real Adventure
The business of hauling consumer goods (contraband) into Mexico with airplanes into grass strips avoiding the outrageous Mexican import duties has been going on ever since airplanes were put into commercial service, that is, until 1989 when Mexico repealed most 100% duties on imported goods. Known as Contrabandidos", pilots choosing this form of employment had to know the limits of their aircraft operating into extremely marginal landing strips and their own limits. The Story starts here. MORE

Faster Road Trips On Faster Roads!
That may be what you feel like saying next time you slide behind the wheel of your fastest vehicle and head down a stretch of Texas roadway this spring or summer driving season...and this time legally faster than you ever have before .Not so long ago the 82nd Texas Legislature passed and Governor Rick signed House Bill 1201 which allows the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to establish speeds of up to 85 mph on certain Texas highways. MORE

Getting Ready for the Bluebonnets
In a state full of beautiful things, it's not unusual that the hills and valleys of Texas are covered each spring season with the delicate but hardy colorful flower we call the bluebonnet.  Bluebonnets have been loved since man first trod the vast prairies of Texas. Native Americans (Texans) wove fascinating folk tales around them, crediting them with everything from having natural medicinal qualities to being spiritual messengers sent from the heavens. MORE

The Mysteries of San Juan Shrine
They come from far and near, over a million visitors each year. They have come to pray, to sing, to worship or to marvel at a place ordained by a Pope and credited with miracles, the Basilica de San Juan del Valle Shrine near McAllen. The history of the Shrine begins in 1920 when the Reverend Alfonso Jalbert built a small wooden chapel in San Juan, Texas as a mission church of St. Margaret Mary Church in Pharr. Today it is a sacred destination for millions if oilgrims. MORE

Texas Coastal Bend Is Bird Heaven
Some are native. Some are seasonal visitors, coming from as far away as Canada and South America. Some are small while others are large. Many colored and with distinctive voices, it is estimated there are over 400 varieties of avian wildlife that frequent the region, a cacophony of birds that is proving to be a sustainable attraction in a land of mysterious beauty and abundant natural appeal. MORE

CC: Great Beach Getaway!
One of the nation's top destinations, Corpus Christi offers fun, beauty, relaxation, excitement, great activities, a perfect climate, live music, performing arts, superb museums, a top rated night scene, family attractions, a floating museum, a first class art museum, a science museum, a dancing waterfront fountain, plenty of classic cars, fine dining, good eats, super shopping and and much, much more.  MORE

Waterworld in the Texas Hill Country
Like a ribbon of relief, a handful of clear-water rivers flow proudly across a sun-scorched summer landscape of the western Hill Country, slinking past communities with names like Utopia, Leaky, Medina, Uvalde, and Concan.  You see, times can get pretty hot in Texas. That's why the Good Lord made the Hill Country River Region, an area located about 50 miles west of San Antonio. The Frio, Nueces, Sabinal, and Leona rivers carry their watery loads across across unspoiled limestone landscapes, creating spotted pockets of Utopian oasis. MORE

In 1891, a group of ladies decorated horse-drawn carriages, paraded in front of the Alamo, and pelted each other with flower blossoms. The parade was organized to honor the heroes from the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Little did they know, 118 years later, Fiesta San Antonio would be one of the largest and greatest festivals in America.
Eleven days, 108 events, 101 local nonprofit member organizations, Up to 3.5 million attending, $284 million economic impact -- this is the modern day Fiesta San Antonio, considered by many to be one of two great American celebrations. MORE

Concerto in Spirit Minor: The Performing Ghost of Kerrville
It’s not unusual for large buildings to have their own personalities. By personality, we're not referring to their architectural design, but the "un-natural things" that go on inside from time to time. Meet the piano playing ghost of Kerrville's old Municipal Auditorium, an illusive phantom that loved the play the keys of a grand piano locked away from human touch. And that was just one of the strange things that happened inside this landmark theatre and performing arts center.  MORE

Sandcastle Days has New Home on South Padre Island
While South Padre Island is host to many special events throughout the year, there is no doubt that Sand Castle Days has become one of its' best events. Now in it's 24th year it has found a new home for the 2011. This year discover the beauty of  the newly developed Hilton Garden Inn, La Quinta Inn and Suites, and the newest hot spot on the beach, Clayton's Beach Resort Bar & Grill. A great  annual festival for visitors - for all ages.  MORE

The Blue Hole of Wimberley
It's hot....the beach is too far, the pool is too crowded, going to a waterpark is not only too expensive but the crowd is even worse. Besides, you're looking for something a bit reminescent of your childhood. Remember the joy you had as a kid swimming in that little creek or swimming hole in your community? Remember cool clean water, swinging from trees to land the most thrilling jump of your life and the laughter and glee of your friends as they joined in the fun? Does such a place even exist anymore? You bet it does, and it's called the Blue Hole - located in the beautiful village of Wimberley, Texas. MORE

Duding It Up In Bandera!
Known for it's "Dude Ranches" and worldclass rodeo, Bandera has a lot to offer for summer vacationers looking to escape the city and get a feel for the magical Texas Hill Country. Northwest of San Antonio, Bandera is nestled on the cypress-lined Medine River, near Medina Lake, not far from Kerrville, Fredericksburg and San Antonio. Put Bandera on your summer travel list and get a taste of the Cowboy way of life, Recommended. MORE

Best Summer Getaways - 2011!
Summer has arrived and this travel season should be a good one in spite of unstable gas prices and the slow-to-recover national economy. Texans love to travel and 2011 seems to as good a time as any! We looked hard and deep this season to find some really great travel destinations, great places to visit and fun things to do, so look over our short list of recommended destinations and add some of your own before making a decision of where to go and what to do this summer. MORE

Summer Time: Time To Eat Out!
We've updated our best restaurant section, reflecting our choices for the 2011 summer travel season. When you hit the road this summer, make it a point to stop at one or more of these great Texas eateries. From good steaks to Tex Mex to Cajun and more, you'll find something here to please everyone in the family. Don't just travel Texas - taste Texas at one of these classic diners. View our summer list of some of the best "special places" in Texas.  MORE

Summer Fun: The Amazing Rio Frio
Like a ribbon of relief, a handful of clear-water rivers flow proudly across a sun-scorched summer landscape of the western Hill Country, slinking past communities with names like Utopia, Leaky, Medina, Uvalde, and Concan.  You see, times can get pretty hot in Texas. That's why the Good Lord made the Hill Country River Region, an area located about 50 miles west of San Antonio and the prime spot for a summer getaway.  MORE

ACL 10th Anniversary Festival
Sept. 16-18 Zilker Park, Austin
Come mid-September, arguably the biggest, baddest music event in Austin City Limits long history kicks off with a phenomenal lineup of super stars in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, a tribute to the early pioneers of those early days when a man and his dream were set on a mission of discovery and a course of musical greatness. MORE

Texas Food & Wine Fest, Rockport
Any time of year is a good time to visit the Rockport-Fulton area, but the Texas Maritime Museum's Annual Food & Wine Festival is the perfect coastal getaway event for those who appreciate great food and the perfect wine in the perfect coastal setting. This 15th Annual Festival is a great opportunity to support the efforts of the museum, grab some sun time on the coast and get your fill of good food and and wine while exploring Texas' rich maritime heritage. MORE

Luckenbach's Tribute to Texas!
The first weekend in March is a big one in Texas, a statewide celebration of Texas' Independence from Mexico. And while celebrations and ceremonies will held all across the state, perhaps none as unique as the word and song offered at historic Luckenback.  Also join the Texas Trails Trail Ride in Fredericksburg which will culminate in "downtown: Luckenback for plenty of Texas music, Texas history, Texas Proud!  MORE

Be My Valentine: Texas For Lovers!
It's been called one of North America's most romantic cities, a wonderland of soft light and beauty, where romance is thick upon the night air and lovers, hand in hand, stroll past a promenade of riverside restaurants, bistros and taverns, on their way to a glorious suite in one of the many amorous hotels that line the river banks. This is a place for love, and Valentine's Day may be the perfect time to experience love in River City! MORE

Keep your home safe with ADT in Texas

Destination Super Bowl XLV
Well okay - the Boyz may not be playing in the first ever Dallas-area Super Bowl this year, in spite of all our high hopes, but there's no denying the Super Bowl - any Super Bowl - is one major attraction, and you can bet the world's eyes will be on the Metroplex this year when Super Bowl XLV gets underway Feb. 6 in Arlington. The Metroplex is definitely the "big destination" in February, but are you ready? Get the low down on where to stay, what to do, and facts about SB 45, including Cowboy Stadium. MORE

Charlie Brown & Friends this year at the Gaylord Texan ICE Exhibit!
Ice and snow and Charlie Brown and friends for Christmas - in Texas? For most Texans that would be a tall order for Santa Claus to fill. But thanks to the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, dear old St. Nick can cross that item off his list - beacause it's already been delivered! ICE! is fast becoming a regular holiday tradition, and one quick visit to this breathtaking exhibit feturing Charlie Brown and Friends this year and you'll know why people come back year after year to view the remarkable ICE Exhibit at the poplular resort. MORE

Celebrate the Holidays at Galveston's Dickens On the Strand
Step back in time to the Galveston of the late 19th Century and experience the holidays like the pioneers of this bustling International port city once did. The event celebrates the restoration of the City's famous Strand District and features strolling carolers and musicians, parades, live performances and a historical holiday flavor like no place else in Texas! The family event takes place Dec. 4th & 5th and promises to be an exciting holiday getaway you will treasure for years to come. Discover Galveston for the holidays! MORE

All Aboard: North Pole Express
(formerly the Polar Express)
If holiday events are right up your alley this season, the kids will love you forever if you take them for a ride on the North Pole Express Experience, a holiday decorated ride on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad's famous train. Or take in the Gaylord Texan ICE Exhibit, a winter sculpture not to be forgotten. Combined with Grapevine's Parade of Lights and Christmas on Main Street, this North Texas city begs for a visit to discover the spirit of a true Texas Christmas. Discover what so many have already experienced. Grapevine is a must destination this holiday season - for shopping, for events, for activities and holiday cheer. Plan on it! MORE

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Texas Music To Someone Special
As the holidays approach, Texas gift buyers are once again scouring the stores, surfing the Web and preparing to fight the Black Friday crowds to find just the right gifts for just the right special people in their life. And the task can be more than a little challenging! So this year please those special people on your gift list with the gift that keeps on giving - Texas music. Check out our short list of great artists and great music for the holiday gift-giving season. MORE

Some Like It Hot! Ghost Pepper Ranks as the # 1 Hottest Chile!
The argument of which chile pepper variety packs the most heat has been waging on for decades if not centuries. It is said that Spanish explorers, after discovering the intensity of the flavor and spice of the American chile, became obsessed with finding the hottest varieties to take back with them to the Old World. They found them, but centuries later it seems the American chile pepper has been replaced by a new variety from India. Discover the world's hottest chile! MORE

Diez y Seis Celebrations in Texas
While the summer travel season is officially coming to a close, September offers a number of great getaway opportunities for those that favor the slightly cooler weather to road trip in search of fun and adventure. September is also the month for one of the state's biggest cultural celebrations - Diez y Seis de Septembre. September is also National Hispanic Heritage Month. Regardless whether you're hitting the road this September to escape in Texas or are heading South of the Border, we've got you covered on where to go and what to do! MORE

Sea Monster of the Texas Coast
Fishing the waters of the Gulf and Laguna Madre around Port Isabel have been an important part of local history since two legged, upright creatures began populating the area a few thousand years ago - maybe longer. But in 1938, a "sea monster" sighting launched a major expedition to catch the creature, making headlines in Texas newspapers throughout the Valley. MORE

Who doesn't enjoy a fun day at the beach? It's a Texas tradition!  But as you head out to the beach this July Fourth weekend, keep in mind that the Gulf is full of sharks, and while shark attacks are not a major problem on the Texas coast, the more you know about preventing them the better off you're going to be. Why attrack one of these predators because you are wearing the wrong color? Get the full skinny in a new study. MORE

The Lost Story: Contrabandidos #8: Shot Down In Mexico!
If you loved our Texas contrabandido stories, you'll love reading the last and lost episode: Shot Down! These are the true stories of the daring American pilots who smuggled electronics into Mexico in spite of all odds. What started out a gentlemen's adventure turned dangerous, and pilots armed themselves just to survive! MORE

Summer's Big Movie Releases!
Ever since an obscure little movie release by a young producer and a reluctant studio back on Memorial Day weekend in 1977, Hollywood has embraced the idea of starting off the summer season with blockbuster movies. That year George Lucas premiered the first in what would become a long series of Star Wars movies. Are you ready for 2010's hot summer movie releases? And what were the biggest of the best in years past? MORE

Best Summer Getaways!
From rafting picturesque Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend to hitching a ride of a replica pirate ship in South Texas, we have compiled a short list of great out-of-the-way destinations for your summer fun.  Discover the joys of the Frio River, step back in time with themed attractions, and find out what we think is HOT for the summer season. Summer 2010's Best Summer Getaways await you in our new guide to summer fun. Get ready to travel! MORE

The Fast & The Furious: BBORR
There are still a lot of open roads in Texas -- roads where you can ease down on the gas pedal and let the wind rip through the open window until the car beneath your seat refuses to go any faster. You can watch the speedometer reach and pass 90 MPH, 100 MPH, and more. You check the instrument panel to make certain you're not getting ready to blow a cylinder and just for a moment you fail to see the state trooper on the side of the road up ahead. MORE

Big Boats, Big Fun on the Bay
It's being called the largest and most exciting in-water boat show in the Southwest, and thousands are expected to come and "dare to dream" when they view the motoryachts, sport boats,and  recreational cruisers on display at the only deep water yacht basin east of New Orleans and west of San Francisco. Get ready for the 2010 Texas International Boat Show in Corpus Christi, the premiere boat show of the Southwest and fun for the entire family. MORE

Good Year For The Bluebonnet
Widespread fall and winter rains should make for an excellent wildflower season in much of Texas, according to Dr. Damon Waitt, senior botanist of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at The University of Texas at Austin. And spring in Texas is never complete without the annual wildflower showing. Spend some time on the highways and backroads of Texas! MORE

Championship BBQ in the Hills!
Ask any Texan what two foods could they not live without? Any true Texan will reply...."Chili & BBQ"!  Fortunately for Texans, those two wonderful foods are celebrated at the Texas Men's State Chili Cookoff & Barbeque Championship in Johnson City, March 27th. Home of former president LBJ, who LOVED TEXAS BBQ and was the first president to serve it at his inaugural dinner. This is the seventh consecutive year for the event to be held at the Blanco County Fairgrounds.  MORE

Cold Weather Turtle Rescues
An early and intensive response by state game wardens and coastal fisheries biologists, aided by United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and National Park Service (NPS) biologists and a network of volunteers is bolstering efforts to rescue record numbers of Atlantic green sea turtles stunned during recent cold weather along the Texas coast. MORE

Best/Worst Movies of 2009
Just about everyone has an opinion about what movies were the best and which were the worse for the ending year. The list is so subjective, in fact, that we changed our own minds at least a half dozen times before we went to print. And when we look at it next week, we probably will wish we could rearrange the order or add or subtract a movie or two. None-the-less, some movies this year thrilled us and others just didn't make the grade. Take a look at our picks and compare. MORE

Drug Violence Riddles Winter Texan Event on Border
It was supposed to be a festive day of celebration Saturday, Dec. 5, in the border town of Nuevo Progreso, not farr from McAllen. Winter Texans were being welcomed at the annual "Welcome Back" festival. The day was warm and the party was fun - until gunshots erupted less than a block away, the latest round of drug violence to hit the border town, and one that winter visitors will remember for a long time. MORE

A Visit To Thanksgiving Square
It's the World Headquarters for Thanksgiving, tucked neatly amid the towering skyscrapers of downtown Dallas, a place of peace, reflection, and refuge from the busy world around you. Any time is a good time to visit BIG D and to take in the many sights of the holidays. But Thanksgiving is special, and Thanksgiving Square (open year round) is the perfect destination. Take time to reflect on the many cultural influences on the holiday. MORE

Nacogdoches: Nine Flags Festival
History runs deep in historic Nacogdoches, Texas. And so does Christmas tradition. Take for example the annual Nine Flags Festival. Here's your chance to spend some holiday time in an historic and charming community and take in the sights and sounds of a Texas Christmas. From a Shakespeare production to the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker, from Christmas parades to lighting ceremonies and an international market, you'll find something to please everyone in the family in this great festival. Discover the charm of Nacodoches. MORE

Galveston's Festival of Lights
As the Christmas holiday quickly approaches, Texans and visitor's to the state alike are hitting the streets and parks in search of those bright, twinkling holiday lights that bring sparkle to our eyes and joy to our hearts. And there are many lights across Texas that will take your breath away and well worth a visit. MORE

Biker Encounters An Aztec Ghost?
Some things in life are just too good to believe. This is not one of those tales. In fact, this tale is creepy and - to say the least - hard to believe. It started with a phone call rather late at night. On the end an exasperated biker had a story to tell, a story about a strange encounter at an Aztec pyramid. This is his story of what happened during a road trip across Mexico - perhaps stranger than fiction, and terribly frightening if you have ever visited a Meso-American ruin site after dark. MORE

Celebrating Columbus Days Aboard the Columbus Fleet
Can you imagine sailing on the grand adventure of Chris Columbus aboard a wooden ship lost upon the high seas? Road trio to Corpus Christi the first two weeks of October and board the full size ship replicas of the Santa Maria and the Pinta at the Corpus Christi Museum of History and Science and discover a new world all by yourself! Daily tours are offered and special activities await during the annual Columbus Days celebration. MORE

Texas STEAKholder's Festival
If you're a true blooded Texan (with the exception of our veggie friends), then a good steak is always in order. And well it should be considering Texas is the number one producer of fine beef cattle in the nation. In Texas, you see, a good steak is more than tradition - it's a way of life. But it takes more than a good slab of beef to make the best steak in Texas. If you're a steak lover, you can't afford to miss the Texas STEAKholder's Festival in Giddings this October. Find out who cooks the best steak, or try your own hand at the competition. MORE

Landshark Texas Music & Seafood
It's high time for Texas music and great Texas seafood, and that's what you'll get when the LandShark South Padre Island Music Festival takes place Sept. 18-19, featuring 25-plus Texas artists and some of the best Texas seafood available anywhere in the world. The two-day, music, food, and arts event, will be staged on outdoor stages on the bayfront at the South Padre Island Convention Centre, featuring Joe King Carrasco and dozens more. MORE

The CIA Assassin School In Texas
There are always two kinds of local history; the kind we are meant to know about and the kind that is intentionally kept from the public’s eye.. But there is little or no documentation for some of our state history, like the special CIA-supported counterinsurgency school that operated near Los Fresnos (in the Rio Grande Valley). For years the school provided instruction on bomb making and assassination techniques to U.S. and foreign agents under the guise of a U.S. Border Patrol training facility.  MORE

End of Summer Travel Blues? Nope!
To the navigator it is known as a waypoint -- the longitude, latitude and sometimes the altitude of a particular point on Earth. The end of August and most of September in the Lone Star State represents a form of waypoint in the annual and cyclic Texas travel season. Summer vacations are all but over and it's back to classroom frenzy and down-to-business work schedules. The time for summer fun is past, right? It's time to forget about travel getaways and settle back down into the grind. But it really doesn't have to be that way. In fact, the ringing in of September often means a lowering of seasonal travel rates at many hotels, resorts, and even car rental and airline counters, not to mention the availability factor and ease of smaller lines. Get ready to travel...

Best Perseid Meteor Viewing
It was said that Perseus, son of the Greek God Zeus, was a daring mythological Greek God-Prince best known for his victory over Medusa and as slayer of the Gorgon, and a warrior than could “rain fire” upon his enemies while in battle. Perseus must be at war again - as he seems to be every August - when the annual Perseid meteor showers hits the Earth’s upper atmosphere often lighting up the night sky in the most spectacular meteor shower of the year. BEST PLACES TO WATCH

Mysteries of the Deep Blue Gulf
Formed some 300 million years ago when the great continent of Pangea split apart sending Africa to the East and the Americas to the west, the Gulf of Mexico has long been associated with mystery and legend. Exactly what role the Gulf has played in the overall history of mankind is still unclear for scientists tell us this mysterious body of deep water predates the earliest records of civilization. While what we do know about the Gulf is rather amazing in itself, it’s what we don’t know that represents the bigger picture. MORE

There’s something to be said about the great night life of South Padre Island! But a quick drive over the causeway to historic Port Isabel offers many of the same after sunset amenities, but with a few extra twists! Where the streets and alleyways of this old port city now stand conquistadores once camped for their first night in the new world, and years later famous general’s walked and famous battles were fought there. Ghosts, pirates, good food, fun and more. MORE

Summer's Best Romantic Getaways
As incredible as it may seem to some there are a lot of happy and sensitive Texas couples out there that have never embellished their relationship with a special romantic getaway. When was the last time you treated yourself and that someone special to a really special place? Well, that's too long! Discover the best romantic places of the summer season! MORE

Texas Summer Music Time!
Kicking off the Summer music scene in Texas is the classic Willie Nelson Fourth of July picnic in Ft. Worth. But take heart if you can’t make that concert. There are many other great opportunities this summer to get out and enjoy the musical diversity of the Lone Star State. You will find everything from grand concerts to neighborhood music jams, concerts in the park to fantasy music festivals. That's because Texas has a musical heritage as varied and proud as any on the planet. MORE

It's Time To Get Ready
No one wants to think about it and many of us would prefer to not hear about it. But like it or not, the 2009 hurricane season gets underway starting June 1 and it's time once again to review personal, family and business plans to prepare for the potential landfall of another major storm on the Texas coast.    The good news is that forecasters are calling for a slower tropical year this year compared to last - if their forecast holds up throughout the summer. Last year, four tropical systems made landfall in Texas - Ike, Dolly, Edouard and Gustav. MORE

TexanDance Film Festival
The problem with most independent film festivals these days is that they aren't independent any longer. Just ask Vince Koegle or Bryce Tumlinson, organizers of the TEXANDANCE International Film Festival scheduled June 5-7 in New Braunfels.The problem with most independent film festivals these days is that they aren't independent any longer. Just ask Vince Koegle or Bryce Tumlinson, organizers of the TEXANDANCE International Film Festival scheduled June 5-7 in New Braunfels. MORE

Texas International Boat Show at the Corpus Christi Marina
When it comes to fine yachts and fast personal airplanes, there's no better place to catch up on what;'s available than at the Texas Intnerational Boat Show in Corpus Christi. And this year's show promises to offer more than ever before. It's been called the largest and most exciting in-water boat show ever seen in this part of the USA. Buyers and sellers from across Texas, the USA and Mexico, plus exhibitors from around the world, will come together to create a unique marketplace offering a relaxed and leisurely environment in which to meet during this four-day event. MORE

Killer Whales in the Gulf?
Orcinus Orca, or Killer Whales, have been around as long as time can remember. But the orca (yes, like Shamu at Sea World) are predominate in colder waters, like the north Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. While it's true that killer whales can be found in most of the oceans of the world, until recently it was thought the warm Gulf of Mexico was unsuitable to the desires and pleasures of the predatory species. Not so says federal biologist Keith Mullin. Killer whales have been known to live and swim in the warm Gulf after all. MORE

PRO Tennis Back in the Valley
USTA Professional Tennis returns to Brownsville when the Brownsville Tennis Association’s Men’s Pro Circuit Tennis Tournament kicks off Feb. 17 for a ten days of high stakes pro tennis action featuring some of the best players from around the world. This year’s field features two players who attempted to qualify at the Australian Open, Nick Monroe of Chapel Hill, N.C., and Alex Bogomolov Jr. of Miami. Monroe is a former All-American at the University of North Carolina and is coming off the best season of his professional career, winning three tiles in 2006. MORE

Best Spring Getaways in Texas
Spring 2009 is just a few days away and already Texans are itching to get out and explore the great Lone Star State. Sure, the economy is tight and there is always a need to spend wisely in tough times. But getting away and renewing the spirit requires an investment of both time and dollars if you're going to continue the uphill battle of the budget. You can't work effectively if your mind and heart aren't in the game! MORE

Get Ready For Mardi Gras in Galveston!
Never did a city deserve a party more than Galveston, and its citizens are of such sturdy and good-natured stock that it would take more than a hurricane to interrupt their annual Mardi Gras! Besides it only happens once a year, that special time when tradition dictates we can be bad before we're required to be good. Bad as in overindulging in food, drink and fun; good as in giving up the bad in honor of the Lenten season, which starts the day after Shrove (Fat) Tuesday Feb. 24th and the last day of Mardi Gras festivities.  MORE

Planning The Perfect Super Bowl Party
The big game day has almost arrived and last minute arrangements are being made all across Texas as football fans prepare to engage in the annual celebration of America’s favorite sport. Forget about the Steelers and the Cardinals or whoever else might have been playing if the cookie would have crumbled differently in the playoffs. You need to get ready for the party - your party. Get started here. MORE

Pop Culture President Loves Spiderman; Poised To Take Over White House
It’s a brave new world. But it was bound to happen sooner or later, and this year seems to be the appointed year. When President-elect Barack Obama moves into the White House this week you can bet he’ll be toting along his collection of Spiderman and Conan the Barbarian comic books. Harry Truman may have sold suits in a small Midwestern town. George Bush may have been a bit of a "card". But Barack Obama, well, he’s one-of-a-kind. MORE

A Tribute To Texas Music -  and the People Who Make (Made) It
Texas Music - it’s a whole ‘nother world (country). That may not exactly be what the slogan is about (actually borrowed from the Texas Tourism Board’s 2002 Texas ad campaign). But it fits, sort of, when we start talking about Texas music. Texas music, it seems, belongs in a place all to its own. And so do the people who make it - and have made it down through the years. Now the State of Texas is providing a way for Texas music lovers to show their pride in the state's rich music heritage. MORE

Saying Goodbye To Cotton Bowl Stadium
Since 1937, the stadium that bears the name "Cotton Bowl" will cease to host the annual grid iron classic by the same name, a moving moment for the thousands who have made or experienced memories in this cornerstone football arena. As the Classic prepares to move to the new Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, many memories will be left behind in the stadium that has grown to be known as a real "Classic". MORE

Red Fish Wars: State VS. Fed Rights
It’s a clear case of the federal machine versus state’s rights, and the ensuing battle between the two governmental giants – the U.S. Government and the Texas State Government - will have a sharp negative impact on some local fishing charter operators and on many more charter companies from South Padre Island to Key West Florida. Controversy is brewing over National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) rules, and Texas charter operators may be catching the brunt of the battle. MORE

RVing Still Popular in Texas
The recent roller coaster ride in fuel costs has failed to deter recreational vehicle enthusiasts from enjoying private campgrounds and RV resorts in Texas, according to a recent online survey by the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO). The survey, conducted in October, found that 82 percent of RV enthusiasts planned to use their RVs this fall at least as much as they did last year at this time. MORE

Texas Favorite Turkey Leftovers
Thanksgiving, seems there is always enough food around to feed an army. The problem with the leftovers is everyone quickly grows tired of eating the traditional Turkey and dressing dinner for the third time in two days. But since you've just spent a fortune at the grocery store for this holiday dinner you know you've got to stretch those leftovers in very creative ways. Help is here. Check out these four yummy left overs recipes and just pick up a few extra inexpensive groceries while you shop for Thanksgiving dinner and you'll be set for a week. They'll be so good the family will want to do it all over again for Christmas.MORE

Peso Falters, Threatens Texas Economy
A maelstrom of devastating economic calamities has assailed Texas and the Nation over recent months, and even the most optimistic economic forecasters are predicting yet another abusive obstacle to statewide financial stability could be damaging, comparing it to the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back. From hurricanes to rocketing fuel costs to a far-reaching national financial industry meltdown resulting in a recessive investment climate, times have been hard for the Texas economy in recent months, and now, with a devaluating Mexican peso, things could actually get worse. MORE

World Music Conference in San Marcos Features Independent Artists
Independent musicians from around the world will gather in the hills of Central Texas in November to make music, to discuss the issues facing the industry and, for many, to take part in a special radio conference to learn how they might win the favor of broadcast programmers in the years ahead. The United States Entertainment Force and Roots Music Association are staging the festival, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, which dedicates their resources to the troop and Veterans programs. The festival is scheduled for Nov. 14-16 at a 500-acre festival site behind the Outlet Malls at San Marcos. MORE

Growing Up With Willie
Just about every Texan has a story to tell about Willie Nelson. Most of us grew up with him. He may not have known that, but we do. That’s the way it is with great people. It’s sort of like connecting Kevin Bacon to somebody you know who knows somebody that is related to him. For me, however, growing up with Willie was a little more than just being a fan of the man and his music.  In 1961 I was just a gawky fifth grader at a small rural school in Helotes, Texas - a small hole-in-the-wall township northwest of San Antonio. Today, Helotes, and nearby Grey Forest, are bedroom communities on the outskirts of the San Antonio Metroplex. But in 1961, it was home to John Floore Country Store - where Willie played. MORE

Best Halloween Films For 2008
As Halloween looms on the near horizon, many are warming up to the idea of good scary movie to help ring in and celebrate the season. But today's new horror movie releases, more slashers than old fashion scary movies, seem to fall short of providing the punch. That's why we have copmpiled a list of the Best Horror films for the 2008 Halloween season. While opnions vary greatly about what makes a good horror film scary, most will agree there are those few movie titles down through history that seem to do the trick well everytime. MORE

Best Halloween Events Across Texas
October brings not only long anticipated cooler weather to the Lone Star State but inspired interest in the spooky, the unusual, and the kind of stuff that makes for strange stories and tales. And there are plenty of those in Texas. Steeped in folklore and legend, Texas can trace its roots to the days when Native Americans practiced sorcery and magic, when Spanish settlers spoke openly but quietly of witches, demons, shape changers and ghosts; when the Day of the Dead was, and still is, widely celebrated. Here are our best picks for Halloween events across the statefor 2008. MORE

The Texas Butterfly Festival
Texas is well known for longhorn cattle, rattlesnakes, armadillos, whitetail deer and hard working cowboys. But one of the more delicate creatures of the Lone Star State are the millions of butterflies that populate Texas, especially each fall when migrating Papilionoidea flock to the furtile fields of deep South Texas in an annual show of diverse color, delicate fluttering and in abundant numbers to justify the Texas Buttefly Festival in Mission. The 13th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival is set for October 16th to 19th in Mission, located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, the most biologically diverse region in the United States. MORE

Wurst is the Best of Texas!
When Prinz Karl of Solms-Braunfels in Prussia, a nobleman that supported German immigration to the new world, founded New Braunfels in 1845 he probably brought along with him his best sausage makers. What he didn't know is that a Texas tradition would be born on the wings of his love for good sausage, and WURSTFEST would become an annual celebration of all things German in this otherwise peaceful Texas Hill Country community. Get ready to polka your heart out, eat great sausage, and spend a little time in the biergarten as October ends and November begins, because it's WURST time in Texas, and New Braunfels is serving up German tradition and heritage like it was going out of style. Get on the (beer) wagon and ride for the weather is great and the sausage is fresh and hot! MORE

Texas Renaissance Festival
After a short period of indeciision, the Texas Renaissance Festival will open on schedule Oct. 11, offering much needed diversion and relief to the thousands of regional Hurricane Ike victims and many more Texans from all across the state. It's time to honor the Queen and this largest Renaisance Festival in the U.S. provides 53 acres of Old World experience. Mimes, magicians, musicians, performing troupes and Knights in shinning armor - you'll find them all on this festival site near Plantersville, just north of Houston. Each of the eight weekends are themed and offer a different environment and experience to faire-goers. Get the details... MORE

French National Treasure: Buried in Texas?
The problem with any strange tale is that it is hard to know where truth ends and legend begins. None-the-less, a good tale has few boundaries, and even the most speculative twists and turns of a well told story have great merit when it comes to uncovering lost possibilities - or, at least, as entertaining fiction. Be it fact or fiction, or most probably a mix of the two, this tale of historical adventure and mystery offers a glimpse into what once was, or could have been, whichever fancies the disposition of the reader.  Could Napoleon Bonaparte have contracted Jean Lafitte to smuggle a large French Treasure from France and bury it in Texas? There seems to be some evidence, but you decide the truth for yourself! MORE

WARNING: Shrimp On The Short
In a State where good food is about as big as football in the race for the most important personal preference this fall among its resident population, news that fresh Gulf shrimp, a standard throughout Texas, may be harder to find in the near future is devastating to the Guld shrimp lover, and could mean consumers will face elevated consumer prices next time they visit their favorite eatery for a plate of wild crustacean. The Texas shrimp industry is on the decline, and with fewer boats and smaller fleets heading into the Gulf this season, that spells trouble. MORE

The Barbarian Sleeps in Brownwood
It is said that tragedy often runs deep and almost always hits hard. If you stand before a certain pair of headstones at a Brownwood Cemetery, especially in the quite of the late evening or blanketed by a dreary sky overhead, you might just feel the tragedy that lies not far beneath your feet. And if there is an air of mystery or a touch of heroic adventure in the air, chances are good you have found the tombstones of Texas writer Ron E. Howard, and his mother who lies next door. A visit to the cemetery leaves the Howard fan with a bit of an unusual feeling. Is Howard reaching out from the grave? MORE

Brownsville's Rich Aviation History
From the historic first International air mail flight of Charles Lindbergh to frequent visits from Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes, the Brownsville airport has played a major role in U.S. aviation history. The first jet flight happened here, and the first Air Mail was launched in Brownsville - plus the first U.S. military flight took off from here to monitor Mexican troop movement in 1915. And the Brownsville Airport was home to the Fighting Aztec Eagles, the only Mexican squadron to fight in World War II. Discover the rich aviation history of the Rio Grande Valley. MORE

Fishing is Hot for the Season
Ready for some rod and reel action? Summer is heating up and the fishing across Texas couldn't be any better, especially along the lower coast. Oil up that old rod-n-reel and get ready for a grand fishing excursion on the bay or offshore and celebrate the summer Texas style! Captain Herbert Bode is a guide on the lower Laguna Madre and shows model JJ Gordon how to catch the big one! MORE

The Infamous Ghost of Granbury
There are a lot of strange places in Texas; just about as many as there are strange tales to go along with them. And Garnbury, Texas, nestled in the gentle Brazos River Valley in the north central region of the Lone Star State, has its share. Some say Granbury was a central focal point for famous and infamous characters of the 19th century; people like Davy Crockett's wife, Elizabeth, Jesse James, and a man believed to be John Wilkes Booth, who may haunt the Granbury Opera House to this day? Read one of Texas' strangest mysteries. MORE

More Smuggler Tales on the Border
In this story, Episode Two - Sagebrush Cessna, you'll find out what it's like to crash land in unknown territory. Follow Ron Fox's adventures of the Texas contrabandidos, life on the Texas border with little more than a wing and a prayer, the follow episode to our popular series that started last month. Or read the first episode and progress through the story from start to finish - a grand adventure to rival the best. Read the latest: Episode Two   or Episode One

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
It's been the brunt of a thousand jokes at least, yet the question, like a bad case of acne, just never seems to go away. But in this presidential campaign year it sometimes seems like all the candidates - and we do mean all of them - tend to lose sight of the real issues in America. So we decided to ask them - and other celebrities - the question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Of course, we didn't really ask them. But we think we figured out what their answers might be. Remember, it's an election year, so don't be surprised at our fabricated answers. MORE

Texas! The Musical Drama - 43rd Year
For 42 years running, TEXAS - The Musical Drama, has been entertaining visitors from around the world, and this, the 43rd anniversary year, promises to be a larger-than-life summer destination blockbuster to top all others. To begin with, where can you sit on the edge of North America's second largest canyon, the steep canyon walls bathed in the colors of sunset, and dine on what is arguably the world's greatest beef steak, counting down the minutes to show time? Discover the wonders of Palo Duro Canyon and get ready for the opening season of - TEXAS! MORE

Ancient Medicines & Home Remedies
Way back  when man lived in caves, like Bob the stick thrower, and crafted simple tools of stone, he still looked for spiritual and natural remedies to heal his many ailments. After all, a good HEB Pharmacy was still a few millennium away, and there wasn't much to talk about in the way of local medical care providers either. But Bob, while crude and simple, wasn't as dense as he looked. Soon he discovered the secrets of the Earth and made medicines from natural plants and herbs. Today. modern home healers have their own brand of cures for what ails us. Discover both ancient medicines and modern home remedies - and feel better for it! MORE

Those Red Blooded, Gun-Tottin' Texans!
Regardless whether you're for or against gun law legislation, when it comes to Texas, it would be just about as easy to get the Pope out of the Catholic Church as it would to wrench the firearms from the convicted fingers of true-blue Texans who often liken the right to carry a gun with the right of childbirth. Ask most any Texan and they'll tell you owning a gun is "natural". MORE

Abner Doubleday: The Texas Connection
Some say the truth is stranger than fiction. But getting to the truth isn’t always easy. Take, for instance, the strange history - or myth - that Abner Doubleday, an Army officer that served time at Port Isabel’s Fort Polk, invented the game of baseball. Could the game have been born in Port Isabel? There's a lot of controversy about Doubleday's invention rights, but no doubt he was one of the first to play, and perhaps he and fellow soldiers in Texas perfected the game on the streets of this lower coast port city. MORE

New Audio Book Tributes Gulf Pirates
Much has been written and filmed about the infamous pirates of old that ravaged the seas in search of fame and fortune, and readers young and old have found grand and romantic adventure in the lore. As evidenced by the recent popularity of Disney's successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, pirates have been a popular topic in recent years. But little has been written about the cut throats, freebooters and pirates that plundered the Texas coastline down through the years. Now the history of those fabled days comes alive with the release of a new Lost Planet Media audio book titled "Pirates of the Gulf," an audio docu-drama of the people and places that were frequented and often made famous by buccaneers of the high seas. Discover the new audio book and listen to samples. MORE

Once Upon A Time in Mexico
Who said a lazy winter afternoon in a Mexican border town can’t be exciting? For a pair of semi-retired Texas ‘good ole boys’, Stumpy and Red, who have for years enjoyed spending a day or ten across the river for a little “R&R”, a recent typical warm January afternoon quickly turned into Armageddon. In this little border tale, submitted through the email, our dynamic cross border duo discovered the meaning of the term ‘between a rock and hard place’. Oh – the names have been changed to protect the guilty. MORE

UT-Brownsville Guitar Festival- 2008
The UTB/TSC Guitar Ensemble Festival began in March of 2001 for a duel purpose: to give young guitar students the opportunity to perform in a competitive though encouraging environment, and to bring some of the best guitarists to a Valley stage so that these young and maturing musicians can see great artists perform.
Now the UTB Guitar Ensemble and Competition is back and continues into the weekend, March 26-March 30, 2008. Don't miss the premiere guitar event in the Lone Star State. Head to the border and enjoy acoustic guitar at its finest. MORE

Who Changed the Date for St. Patty's?
Now what were they thinking - the Catholic Church’s “Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments’ ? St. Patrick’s Day festivities across much of the world have been changed this year thanks to the Church’s decision to move the festive holiday to avoid a conflict with the beginning of Holy Week observances and activities. And while the move has set well with some Irish-American communities, other groups are refusing to change the traditional March 17 date for St. Patty Day. MORE

Lost Treasures of Padre Island
Embarking on a Texas beach getaway for the weekend has long been a Texas tradition regardless what part of the state you call home. Literally thousands of Texans flock to the white sandy beaches of Padre Island every year to pitch their tents, set up their RVs or to simply sleep on the beach in order to get their periodic fix of sun, surf and sand. But have you ever wondered while you're laying on your beach recliner soaking up those golden coastal rays and enjoying the warm Gulf breezes, just what may be buried just beneath you beach towell? There could be a fortune waiting! MORE

The Haunted Jefferson Hotel
If you think adventure is limited to a good raft and a little whitewater, or a bike tour across Palo Duro Canyon country, or a short bungee rope at the high Devil’s Canyon bridge – you might have another think coming. There’s a book in Jefferson in the Caddo country of Northeast Texas, kept behind a hotel desk in the main lobby, where adventure awaits the traveler daring enough to open its pages.  But there’s a catch. Not just anyone can ask read this book. You must be a guest of old, historic hotel. And to get the most out of this other-worldly adventure, you must take the book back to your room to read it. MORE

There's a New KING of HOT!
The argument of which chile pepper variety packs the most heat has been waging on for decades if not centuries. It is said that Spanish explorers, after discovering the intensity of the flavor and spice of the American chile, became obsessed with finding the hottest varieties to take back with them to the Old World, a sort of contest of discovery. But now, in modern times, scientists say they have found the ultimate hot chile. And this chile redefines the term! MORE

Kites Over Padre: SPI KITE FEST
It's that time of year again. You can look into the sky and see flying birds and butterflies, cats and dogs, geckos and lobsters, fish and octopi. The 8th Annual SPI Kite Fest, sponsored by B&S Kites, is scheduled for February 2-3. The festival runs Saturday & Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the flats just north of the Convention Centre on South Padre Island. Admission is free and the public is invited to enjoy the spectacular kite displays, performances, demos, free lessons and more. MORE

There are two sides to the UFO controversy in the world -- there are the believers, and there are the nonbelievers. In Texas this year, there are certainly more believers than ever before. Sure - the belief in and/or study of Unidentified Flying Objects has been the at the center of pop controversy for a long time, at least since 1947, and no one would argue that Texans often  like their tall tales and proportionate twisted sense of humors. But a large number of residents around Stephenville and across adjacent counties have been reporting something very weird in the sky -- and very large. What is it? MORE

Mardi Gras Southeast Texas Style!
Sure -- When you think of Mardi Gras in general terms you generally think of New Orleans. And when you think of Mardi Gras in Texas you most often think of Galveston. But Mardi Gras Southeast Texas Style, staged each year in Port Arthur, has caught on and grown into a major celebration attracting hundreds of thousands of revelers who often choose to avoid the crowds of the the other Mardi Gras celebrations in larger cities to join in the fun and gala near the shores of Sabine Lake. MORE

HOLIDAY CHEER: Miracle of 37th Street
It's been called one of the most impressive neighborhood holiday light displays in Texas, and one visit after dark to this Austin street near the Univesity of Texas campus will illustrate why people would say that. If you're planning but one drive this season to see the lights, make it to Austin for this lighted wonder! Discover the miracle of the 37th street Christmas lights and get into the spirit of the holiday season this year. MORE

Ghost Walk Tour To Benefit Toy Drive
The Halloween season may be over, but in case you haven't heard, real ghosts don't simply go away after October comes to an end. But what do ghosts have to do with the Christmas season? In Corpus Christi, apparently a great deal! The public is invited to get to know the haunts of the city's Heritage Park in December during a series of special candlelight walking tours, a great chance to view the beautiful Victorian-style homes of this old district of the city, perhaps catch a glimpse of some of the ghosts refuted to still live there, and all the while help the local Toys for Tots program. MORE

Penning The Perfect Pun
Since the first man uttered the very first words from his lips, mankind has been using language to not only communicate, but to entertain, and few wordsmiths have been as brilliant at it than former Austin resident William Syndey Porter, better known throughout the literary world as O. Henry. Few men could ever purse together a series of words with such dubious double meanings, or warp phrases with cunning into such whimsical machinations of comical disguise. All that on top of his outstanding ability to write short stories.  If you missed the O Henry Pun-Off this year, try these on for size. After all, a little humor never hurt anyone! MORE

Sweet Fruit Ripening in the Valley
Who doesn’t enjoy a big, sweet, juicy orange or ruby red grapefruit? There’s not much that can compare with a tall glass of cold liquid sunshine, squeezed fresh from super sweet oranges that have ripened on the tree. But let’s be honest. Where are you going to get that? Good news for juice lovers! While harvest is just getting underway in the Rio Grande Valley, early reports have it that this year’s Valley citrus crop is going to be a good one! MORE

Celebrating Texas Foods & Wine
For 17 years running the Fredericksburg Food & Wine Festival has been celebrating the tastes of Texas, from great Texas wines to the culinary delights of the Lone Star State, and this year the tradition continues in beautiful and unique downtown Fredericksburg. Fall is harvest time in Texas, and if you're ready to sample the come-of-age wines of the state, this festival represents the perfect opportunity to relish the diverse flavors of Texas wineries. With an attractive wine-tasting program and special workshops planned for the real connoisseur, you can't beat a weekend in Fredericksburg . MORE

The Canyon Gorge Miracle
In July of 2002 Nature released a watery deluge on the hills and valleys that surround manmade Canyon Lake. Below the spillway -- up until the afternoon of July 4, 2002 -- stood a valley covered in mesquite and oak trees. In two days water crossed a lake spillway for the first time, removing vegetation and soil and exposing an ancient limestone gorge beneath. A new ecosystem was formed - the Canyon Lake Gorge.  MORE

Picking the Right Fall Destinations
Any time of year is a great time of year to explore the highways and back roads of the Lone Star State. But the autumn season is one of the best travel times of the year if you enjoy thinner crowds, shorter lines and a plethora of grand events and activities that are reserved for the cooler months of Texas. Discover our picks for the 2007 Best Fall Destinations in Texas and get ready to hit the roads in search of grand adventure, abundant fun and interesting places to visit. MORE

Fall Season is Travel Season in Texas
Like a breath of fresh air the autumnal equinox signals the passing of a warm, fruitful season and the arrival of a world of changing colors and cooler air. The days begin to get shorter and the nights longer, and the socioeconomic posture of the world-at-large turns from worker-tender to worker-harvester as the fruits of agro-labor are collected and stored for the coming winter. It's also a premiere time for travel across the state with plenty of events, attractions and fall destinations from which to choose. Discover them! MORE

Summer Travel  Season A Bust?
With the summer vacation season fresh over state and local tourism officials and companies that rely on the summer season for economic stability are piecing together their assessments of how one of the wettest summer’s on record may have effected business. No one can argue the summer season was/is exceptionally wet. Corpus Christi and San Antonio broke previous weather records for the wettest summer on the books, How good/bad was it? MORE

Tradition: Texas County Fairs
Are you thinking that your summer fun is over? As summer draws to a close and the theme parks prepare to close down for all but the weekends, the fun is not over yet. The County Fairs of Texas -- Where else could you wrap your lips around a piece of award winning homemade pie? MORE

The New Passport Frenzy
U.S. Passport laws are changing again and more and more people are finding applying for a being issued a passport is no longer a quick and easy process. But starting next June, you can't cross over a land bridge into Canada or Mexico without one. Don't get caught up in the waiting game! Get started now in the application process and be a valid passport holder before the law changes. MORE

Big Time Saltwater Fishing in Texas
It's the oldest and largest saltwater fishing tournament in Texas, and the TIFT (Texas International Fishing Tournament) is expected to draw more than 500 boats to the South Padre Island-Port Isabel area this weekend for a real Texas classic. It's a family fishing tournament where the winners walk away with big cash prizes, and usually some really big fish. MORE

Where Were You On Moon Day in 1969?
It’s been called the most significant day in human history, a day hat will always be remembered as the culmination of man’s great quest to reach the moon, a day when the entire world watched as American astronauts landed on the lunar surface proclaiming a long awaited victory for the pioneering spirit of mankind. Where were you when it happened? MORE

Texas Red Neck Games On Tap
It's the time of year to grab your spurs and your best mud wrestling outfit (along with a strong stomach) and your best sense of humor, pack the truck and head on out to  The Official Texas Redneck Games Aug. 2 - 5  in Athens. Not sure you're a redneck? Here's a few clues for you from Comedian Jeff Foxworthy: You might be a redneck if you think possum is "the Other White Meat."  MORE

Blue Bell's 100th Anniversary Celebration
It's one thing to head down to the nearest grocer to pick up a gallon or three of delicious Blue Bell Ice Cream. It's a Texas tradition. But this summer, Blue Bell is bringing the ice cream to you! Get ready for BLUE BELL ON TOUR, coming to your neighborhood this summer with the best ice cream the world has ever know!  MORE

Why not make your holiday feast an extra special one this year by adding one or more of these special recipes to your menu.  From a selection of fine desserts to a special crab cake recipe, you'll find these foods the perfect touch to your Fourth celebration. From George Washington to George Bush you'll have a complete patriotic menu. MORE

Are you hitting the road this July Fourth to celebrate the holiday somewhere else besides your home turf? Looking for a good place to land where the action is hot and All American? We've got you covered. Check out the best Fourth of July events across Texas and get in the spirit of Independence. MORE

TEXAS Best Seafood Dives
In a state famous for good food, it's no surprise you can find some of the best fresh Gulf seafood joints in the world -- you know, those little out-of-the-way spots that really know how to prepare fresh caught seafood Texas style! What are you waiting for? Check this list and get ready for some G-O-O-D groceries! MORE

2007 Texas Theme Park Report
Summer has arrived and thousands will be flocking to amusement parks and special attractions all across the Lone Star State. But who has the newest rides, the most thrill seeking attractions and the best shows? We've got you covered! Check our 2007 review of the best theme parks in the Lone Star State. MORE

Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio
Texas is full of diverse culture and the Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio is the best place to discover it all in one location! Staged at the Institute of Texan Culture at Hemisfair Plaza, here's you chance to learn about the many faces of the people who founded our great state. MORE

Lost Pines Resort: Summer Fun
If you're looking for the perfect family resort that provides something for both the kids and the parents, look no further than the Hyatt's Lost Pines Resort near Bastrop. With a waterpark, golf, spa and fine dining in one location, you can't go wrong. A real summer winner in the family getaway book. Load up and head out to the Lost Pines of Texas. MORE

Freer Rattlesnake Roundup
To some they are dangerous, sneaky creatures, laying in wait for the next unsuspecting victim . To others they are magnificent creatures of Nature that demand respect but are special and are just cause for celebration. Regardless your take, the place to be if you want to tribute the Texas rattlesnake is in Freer, Texas. MORE

Texas Lavender Fields: Raw Beauty
Texas flowers have long provided a coat of many colors to a state already clothed in beauty. From wildflowers along highways to fields of lavender flowers in the Hill Country, you won't find a more beautiful natural canvass. Discover the Texas Lavender Festival and experience the raw beauty of the Lone Star State. MORE

Port Neches RiverFest: Thunder on the River
With four days of family fun on the river, the Port Neches RiverFest offers a little something for everyone, including the thunderous boat races that provide high energy to spectators as well as competitors. Live music, plenty of Texas food and fun for everyone in the family! Get ready for a Southeast Texas throw down like none other! MORE

HOT! RGV Regional Chili & Salsa Cook Off
You can't beat a a big bowl of chili when you're looking for a hot meal or a hot event to rest your wandering soul! And the RGV Chili & Salsa Cook Off in South Padre is serving up some of the best chili the world has to offer! Get out celebrate the foods of Texas at this cook off being staged on the grounds of one of Texas' premiere waterparks - by the beach! MORE

Corpus Christi's Buc Days Underway
It's one of the best celebrations in Texas, Buccaneer Days in Corpus Christi where the mayor turns over the city to pirates who make fun and merry for two weeks of celebration and fun. A parade and laser light show are featured as well as a professional rodeo South Texas style. Get ready for Buc Days and celebrate the pirate inside. MORE

Lucky Luke The Hotel Dog
Welcome to San Antonio's beautiful downtown district where you can always find a unique room with a view. But at the historic Fairmont Hotel just off Hemisfair Square, you'll get a warmer greeting than you had anticipated. Lucky Luke awaits, often with a hand shake and a wag of the tail, the official greeter at this pet friendly facility. MORE

WINDFEST is Windtastic!
Spring has sprung and perhaps  it's the perfect time to take that break on the beautiful coast of Texas, and Portland's WindFest may be the perfect getaway to get you ready for the warm summer weather season. Get ready for lots of family fun in the Coastal Bend and celebrate the rites of Spring Texas style! WindFest starts the travel season off right! MORE

Discover the Pirates of the Gulf
With sun scorched hotel and condo towers rising high into the South Padre Island skyline it’s hard to imagine a time when the dunes were the only architectural shapes that populated the long stretch of sand bar that once reached from the Rio Grande River to near Galveston Bay. But here they be pirates - or were pirates. Discover the hardy buccaneers that sailed the Texas coast line and get ready to head south in search of pirate's treasure. MORE

Saddle Up for Cowboy U
Texans have long saddled up and hit the trail in search of adventure - and even profit. There's just something about slipping on a pair of boots, pulling the brim of your hat down low to mask the sun from your eyes, and straddling a well trained horse to ride for the open sky! Why not you? Discover the Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive and Cowboy Up! MORE

A Texas Beach Paradise in South Padre
Looking for the perfect beach getaway without all the pomp? You can find it on the soft sand beaches of South Padre Island, a boutique experience without the boutique expense. With the surf just outside your door and surrounded by sub tropical environs, you can't go wrong with a getaway at the Palms Resort on the Beach. Discover paradise on a Texas Island. MORE

ICONS OF GLASS - Tiffany Masterworks
Discover the works of Tiffany and Lamb in a private-collection's exhibit at the International Museum of Art $ Science in McAllen. The collected works represent the golden days of stained glass art and features remarkable pieces never exhibited before. Get into art through March in the RGV. MORE

Those Famous Texans - More Than A Few!
Sure - Texans have been known to toot their own horns from time to time. Haven't you heard, everything is bigger and better in Texas? While we may not know the originator of that famous tag line, we do know that Texan's are prone to be fiercely proud of who they are and where they're from. Discover the rich and the famous from Texas and take our quiz to test your Texas celebrity knowledge! MORE

Texas Coastal Bend Birding Adventures
Where once the buffalo roamed across vast coastal flood plains, cotton farms and livestock now dot the grasslands. Where once fierce Karankawa Indians carved out their existence in a harsh coastal environment, silver-ribboned highways now cross the countryside. But one thing remains unchanged, and that's the large bird population of this unique region. Discover great Texas birding!  MORE

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