Growing Up With Willie Nelson

There are multiple influences on every life, from the time we are knee high toddlers to the day we depart this Earth. From special people to works of music and art - even the influence of our environment help to mold us into who we are. For me, there were many great influential people in my life, my father and mother, my sisters, my 9th grade history teacher and coach to Mick Jagger, Ray Davies, Hank Williams, Jimmy Rogers to Mickey Mantle, Don Meridith, to Heinlein, Asimov and Tolkien. But growing up in the country listening to Willie sing live most every night has to rank near the top! MORE


It's not only a Presidential election year but also in the Chinese Zodiac it is the Year of the Monkey, and under this eventful sign a lot of newsworthy things have happened. Dr. Cyrus B. Hornwinkle says this year should be no exception. With a whimsical and impossible prediction, the good professor lays down a scenario that is enlightening, witty and most probably impossible.    MORE

Start the New Year Right!

The New Year  has arrived and many of us are having trouble when it comes to keeping those resolutions we made at year's end. What you need is a good dose of good spirits - and not the bottled kind either. Welcome the new year with a few good laughs. Click here and put on a smile!

Everything is Bigger...

Texas has a lot to offer, and it's true the Lone Star State generally does things in a big way. A strong state economy, affordable real estate - just to mention a few. Discover why Texas is big!  MORE

Sweet Liquid Medicine!

Harvest of sweet Texas citrus is underway in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and that means fresh-squeezed orange juice on your table if you can get your hands on a bag or three. MORE

An Illuminating Legend

Once the City Weird's most noted holiday neighborhood, the road to the rise and fall and rise again of this struggling yet very  festive area of Austin weird. Get in the spirit!  MORE

Ride the North Pole Express

Grapevine's Heritage Railroad once again presents the North Pole Express train for all ages. Get into the spirit and tour the wonders of the North Pole  near Dallas!  MORE

Candy Cane Lane in Corpus

Don't miss the spirit of Christmas on Cirpus Christi's Candy Cane Lane neighborhood, Watch the video and get ready to visit this light festival this holiday season.  MORE

Famous Ranch in Texas

The LBJ Ranch and Boyhood Home are Texas Landmarks near Johnson City Texas, and a great place to visit and tour. Visit the Texas Whitehouse and fell right at home.  HOME

Lost Treasures of Padre!

Treasure hunting adventures await on the beautiful beaches of Texas where many ancient treasure ships wrecked, littering the sands with gold and silver! Interested?  MORE

The CIA Secret School

Little Known and once very secret, the CIA Counter Intelligence School in the Valley trained a lot of people, many of them foreigners. Uncover the story of the secret center.  MORE

Wurstfest 2015!

It's a celebration of German heritage - and sausage and beer! New Braunsfels is the place to be for beer gardens and smoking sausage this week. Get it while it's hot!  MORE

The Great Migration...

They make the journey south every year in incredible numbers, and they winter on the coast for your viewing enjoyment. Ornithology is not for the birds, but for you!  MORE

The World's First Flight?

In Texas? In 1865? It certainly seems that way, thanks to school teacher-inventor and aviator Jacob Brodbeck. Read about his amazing flying machine and decide!   MORE

Changing Colors...

It happens every year and this year it's a little later than usual. None-the-less, the countryside is vibrant with color in a few areas of Texas, and waiting for you to visit.  MORE

A Night in a Tepee, a Tent or a Yurt?

In the far west stretches of the Lone Star State the night skies are big and bright...just like the songs says. But seeing it that big Milky Way-filled sky means you need to be outdoors. Good news! Now you can keep the comfort of a soft bed and still rough it under a beautiful Texas star-filled sky by camping out in a yurt, tepee or tent that offers a queen size bed, running water and electrical outlets to charge those electronic gadgets you can't leave home without. Check out our unique lodge picks for the fall season.  Way Cool

San Jacinto  Monument - a symbol of Texas Independence, stands 567 feet high, 12 feet higher than the Washington Monument. Next to the Houston ship channel.

National Museum of

Funeral History

It sounds odd, perhaps even a little morbid, but funerals do have a history.  And now they have a museum dedicated to the work they have done in the past and are doing in the present. Is there is funeral in your future?

Probably so!  MORE

Getting Ready for the New Year!

It's not too early to be thinking about the year ahead, just a few days away! Where will you be spending your New Year's Eve this year? A lot of Texans will be on the highways and byways across the state and we remind you to think safety when traveling! Winter has arrived and driving conditions could be testy. Buckle up and stay safe!

Whooping It Up in Port A!

They are graceful, beautiful and rare creatures of nature. Each year the great Whooping Cranes migrate south from their cold northern summer homes to winter on the coast of Texas not far  Port Aransas. Each year people flock to to the Island to celebrate the return of the majestic birds, the most endangered bird species in the world, Help celebrate the big birds at the Port A Whooping Crane Festival!  READ MORE

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