Discover a Brazos River Retreat and Getaway!

Who doesn't  enjoy a peaceful yet fun-filled getaway in the great Texas outdoors?  If you haven't discovered the Double F River Ranch near Weatherford, you're missing a great opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet, and the flowing Brazos that offers both passive and active recreational activities. Get ready for the spring season - and enjoy!           MORE

April is Fiesta time in San Antonio! Party in Texas!

For 126 years now, Fiesta San Antonio has been the premiere festival in Texas, a time-honored celebration of all things Texas - its history, culture, music, food and more . Don't miss the Lone Star State's big gala, from fun time on the River Walk to the all the many great parades and special events. Twenty days of celebration await in River City! Get ready for a true Texas getaway - San Antonio style!                                MORE

Discover the Longest Beach Drive in North America!

Imagine driving for miles and miles of mostly remote beach, a place where prates buried their treasure and Native Americans carved out an island living on abundant seafood and wildlife. Conquistadors walked this beach, and now you can drive nearly 60 miles and see it all. Be warned, you will love it.                              MORE

Spring Break Destinations

for All Ages - and Families!

From college parties to family getaways to things to do as a family, we've got you covered for Spring Break. Discover great destinations, events, attractions and things to do in our Spring Break Guide! Get out and enjoy the season by enjoying Texas. There's a lot to discover  in the Lone Star State!                                        MORE

Getaway to one of Texas' Most Special Places

Adventurers, rock climbers, lovers of history and just ordinary families flock to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area to discover Texas Different! This ageless outcropping of granite is more than a simple landmark! It's a place of mystery and magic, and it awaits your arrival year round.  Discover the magic of the Hill Country!  MORE

Explore the Historic Missions of San Antonio


They are some of the oldest Old World structures in Texas and represent the earliest occupation of the Spanish Crown in the region. Discover the mystery and history of los missions de san antonio, and explore the Missions National Historical Parks including the first of the missions built there, the famous Alamo Shrine.  Get ready for an adventure in American and Texas history.  MORE

Get ready for Summer Getaways Across Texas!

There's a great destination, event or happening this summer that you shouldn't miss! But there are so many, how do you know the best to pencil in your schedule? We can help. Check out our short list of great places to visit, things to do and interesting and getaways that are perfect for the summer season - and check back for more as the season develops!       MORE

Five Best Texas Beach Getaways for Summer 2017!

Are you ready for the summer season?  With Memorial Day Weekend  Kickoff underway, it's the start to another summer vacation season. And that means there is probably a Texas beach in your future road trip plans - or at least there should be! Check out our short list, the five best beach getaways for summer 2017. Try out one, two or all of them before summer is over, and get ready to splash down with fun!     MORE

The Beautiful State Flower of Texas: The Bluebonnet

There is a great deal of beauty across Texas, but as King adorns his crown, when spring arrives each year the State Flower of Texas, the bluebonnet, rears its head on the roadsides and fields and meadows of the Lone Star State, bringing color to the landscape that compliments the big blue skies. Don't miss this remarkable show.                 MORE

A Rising Star in Texas!

It's not every day you catch the break you have been hoping would come. But South Texan Kyle Land will tell you hard work, patience and a optimism can go along way in helping one climb the ladder that leads to achieving your dreams.  He has always wanted to be a voice-actor in a major video game, and thanks to winning a Bioware contest, he recently had the chance to be the voice of a number of characters in the new Mass Effect Andromeda game to be released March 21.

Moody Gardens Lights Fest! Get ready for a great Festival of Lights on Galveston Island. The 2017 Moody gardens Festival of Lights is the biggest and best of all time, enough to put a smile on every face regardless the age. Round up your family and friends and get into the mood(y) of the season with great attractions, holiday performers, plenty to see and do to celebrate the holiday season - underway through January 8!
Christmas Capital of Texas! Grapvine is once again gearing up for the Holidays, Christmas events already underway and well attended! Catch the North Pole Express train for thrilling ride, take in the Festival of Lights downtown, or enjoy a Lone Star Christmas at the Gaylord Texans. There events and activities and events for all ages that run now through early January. Visit the Christmas Capital of Texas and get into the spirit of the holidays in 2016.

The Big Birds Are Back!  Whooping cranes are arriving on the Texas coast  --   MORE

It's a Special Time of Year!  -- Reflections on one of the best days of the year.     MORE

The Splendor of the Changing Season!  -- Enjoying cooler weather in Texas.     MORE

Lost Treasures of the Texas Coast!  -- There are still millions in lost gold out there!     MORE

Growing Up With Willie Nelson

King of Outlaw Texas Music

There are multiple influences on every life, from the time we are knee high toddlers to the day we depart this Earth. From special people to works of music and art - even the influence of our environment help to mold us into who we are. For me, there were many great influential people in my life, my father and mother, my sisters, my 9th grade history teacher and coach to Mick Jagger, Ray Davies, Hank Williams, Jimmy Rogers to Mickey Mantle, Don Meridith, to Heinlein, Asimov and Tolkien. But growing up in the country listening to Willie sing live most every night has to rank near the top! MORE

Everything is Bigger...

Texas has a lot to offer, and it's true the Lone Star State generally does things in a big way. A strong state economy, affordable real estate - just to mention a few. Discover why Texas is big!  MORE

Sweet Liquid Medicine!

Harvest of sweet Texas citrus is underway in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and that means fresh-squeezed orange juice on your table if you can get your hands on a bag or three. MORE

An Illuminating Legend

Once the City Weird's most noted holiday neighborhood, the road to the rise and fall and rise again of this struggling yet very  festive area of Austin weird. Get in the spirit!  MORE

Ride the North Pole Express

Grapevine's Heritage Railroad once again presents the North Pole Express train for all ages. Get into the spirit and tour the wonders of the North Pole  near Dallas!  MORE

Candy Cane Lane in Corpus

Don't miss the spirit of Christmas on Cirpus Christi's Candy Cane Lane neighborhood, Watch the video and get ready to visit this light festival this holiday season.  MORE

Famous Ranch in Texas

The LBJ Ranch and Boyhood Home are Texas Landmarks near Johnson City Texas, and a great place to visit and tour. Visit the Texas Whitehouse and fell right at home.  HOME

Lost Treasures of Padre!

Treasure hunting adventures await on the beautiful beaches of Texas where many ancient treasure ships wrecked, littering the sands with gold and silver! Interested?  MORE


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Wurstfest 2015!

It's a celebration of German heritage - and sausage and beer! New Braunsfels is the place to be for beer gardens and smoking sausage this week. Get it while it's hot!  MORE

The Great Migration...

They make the journey south every year in incredible numbers, and they winter on the coast for your viewing enjoyment. Ornithology is not for the birds, but for you!  MORE

The World's First Flight?

In Texas? In 1865? It certainly seems that way, thanks to school teacher-inventor and aviator Jacob Brodbeck. Read about his amazing flying machine and decide!   MORE

Changing Colors...

It happens every year and this year it's a little later than usual. None-the-less, the countryside is vibrant with color in a few areas of Texas, and waiting for you to visit.  MORE

A Night in a Tepee, a Tent or a Yurt?

In the far west stretches of the Lone Star State the night skies are big and bright...just like the songs says. But seeing it that big Milky Way-filled sky means you need to be outdoors. Good news! Now you can keep the comfort of a soft bed and still rough it under a beautiful Texas star-filled sky by camping out in a yurt, tepee or tent that offers a queen size bed, running water and electrical outlets to charge those electronic gadgets you can't leave home without. Check out our unique lodge picks for the fall season.  Way Cool

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